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    i have been using dreamweaver for about a year and have a sound knowledge of css and all that.

    i like how coda looks when chris uses it in his vid casts, and one thing that pisses me off about dreamweaver, is when you link it up so any changes made in dreamweaver automatically get uploaded to the server (like when i work with wordpress), it takes ages and looks ugly, whereas what chris uses seem to do it subtly and out of the way.

    my issue is that i use a pc so i don’t use the apple stuff.

    people say notepad, but it seems a bit too primitive? am i wrong on that one? i ideally want to use something which links up to a server ftp and when i am makin a wordpress theme, doesn’t give me any BS!

    any help and advice will be gratefully recieved, thanks.

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    I am not sure what your problem is.
    What is exactly when you save stuff? Slow? Could it be your internet connection is slow?

    You could try Aptana, I am not sure if this what you want. If you want Chris has, you better get a Mac and Coda

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    thanks for the advice guys. yeah i wasn’t very clear with my problem. it just seems that when i make a change in dreamweaver and it’s connected up for ftp, there is a loading screen right in the middle which takes a while to go whenever i make a change. when chris does his changes, the loading text is up in the corner and just flashes up and goes. in dreamweaver it stops progress and takes time. it just doesnt feel right, ya know?

    (i understand that this may seem really pedantic, but when you are using it every day those little things get on your nerves) :)

    maybe i am just not using dreamweaver very efficiently. i use this set up at work as well so i don’t think it’s my connection.

    either i have set it up badly, not using it properly, or dreamweaver just isn’t as cool as coda.

    thanks for the advice tho!

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    no way you are from salford? as in manchester uk? i am in city centre.

    yeah DW is a bit lame really, but i guess you are a mac guy now?

    # February 5, 2010 at 3:25 am

    Why not try to download all the files to your computer and work with them locally? Then you don’t need to upload them each time you save a file.

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