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    I am a college student and in my 30’s. Going to school online I have gotten quite adept at learning from books. I am studying computer programming and I love webdesign. In school we have covered html, css, and javascript. My question is what should I learn next to capitalize on my winter break and the upcoming summer semester which I am taking off before transferring to a new school in the fall. I’ve considered trying php, html5, something to do with graphics, or learning more about ajax, jquery, and json(we only covered the core in class). I’d like to be able to do webdesign on the side for extra money. I am interested in doing my own graphic art for business purposes but I can’t draw and the programs (ie Adobe stuff) are really expensive. I have had some success with the forza motorsports livery editor so I believe I could get by with some training and /or practice. I have a linux computer and a windows computer so I have considered trying some available freeware on linux. I’m not sure what tutorials if any are available for those programs. Thanks for any thoughts you have.

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    Definitely learn HTML5. From there I would go for the basics of PHP then jQuery.

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    >Definitely learn HTML5. From there I would go for the basics of PHP then jQuery.

    Very much this…although one would assume that any ‘current’ course in HTML would include HTML5.

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    @paulie_d Unfortunately, some courses are outdated.

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    My general advice is to just pick a project and learn what you need to accomplish that project.


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    I appreciate the quick answers guys. Chris : I am building something and it is stretching my abilities. I am working on a wordpress site with some friends. I am the designer and they are providing content. I hope to have it up in a couple of weeks. If you want to check it out its but like I said it isn’t up yet.

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