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    I’m really new to web developing. And I only know little html+css. So “What Should I know to become a good web developer?”. How and where should I get start to become a developer?
    Thanks! :)


    Thank You very much! :)
    so, is html and css enough? what should I learn beyond? a
    nd for find a job in this field what kind of certifications, experiences should I get? I really like this field and I want to go future.


    Thanks for the quick reply again! :)
    can you suggest any good places to learn them?
    Thanks for you advices!


    Digging into WordPress – This will help a lot. I’m busy with it at the moment and it’s awesome. Dabbles in a bit of everything, but with wordpress in mind.

    Hard boiled web design – I haven’t read this, but it’s something I’m looking into getting.

    Professional WordPress Plugin Development – This looks awesome, but very advanced.

    At the end of the day it’s how much time you put into it. Do you see it as a job or as a hobby. I’m basing this view on myself of-course. I put a lot of time into it as it’s my hobby and I end up learning a lot.

    This takes a lot of time though. I’ve spent hours trying to sort out problems which ended up being something simple, like not linking to the correct javascript file. Don’t give up though, because it generally teaches you something important.


    Its seems worth reading. Thanks!
    Nice tips! :)


    I guess being able to develop on WordPress is nice but I don’t think that is where you need to put your attention right now. Unless you are going to have nice designs handed to you, you should probably get good at the design aspect. A beautifully coded ugly site isn’t worth much. A good way to do this is look around for nice, high-quality sites. One thing I did when I was learning design was take a site I liked and literally recreating it in Photoshop. This isn’t necessary but will hone up your Photoshop skills and improve your design sense.

    Soon enough, you’ll be able to create very nice designs on the fly. Without even much thought because it’s so natural to you and you know what looks good.

    As well as being a great designer you should be a greater coder. I’ll admit, I am pretty useless when it comes to PHP. I know enough to get by and can use databases and things but nothing advanced. I believe your strength will lie in your CSS and and Javascript abilities and your ability to be inventive.

    So practice, practice, practice until you consider yourself great at it. Then keep on practicing. I never stop practicing and I don’t think any other experienced web developer does.

    I learned CSS myself at w3schools. This was many years ago and I’m not sure if there is an easier, more newb-friendly resource at this time. That will teach you the basics. Once you have the basics down cold you should start picking up on all of the advanced techniques around.

    You should also start picking up some CSS3 since eventually that will be the standard and it’s better to start learning now.

    w3schools is also great for its HTML4 & 5 resources, as well as javascript resources.

    As far as Javascript goes, I believe it’s good to have a hard copy book for this. There are infinite web resources to learn with, you should use a mix of both.

    I know a lot of people are inclined toward jQuery, including myself. I’m in love with it. You will probably want to learn this. The jquery website has great documentation and a good free e-book is jQuery Fundamentals.

    Hope this will help you on your way and remember this is a great community always willing to help you with problems and questions you have.

    Good luck!


    Google everything. If you see something, and don’t know how to do it, google it. Either that or look here on the site. There is going to be an endless amount of information to learn. Try to learn at least something new each day.

    After Learning to HTML and CSS, jump to either PHP, Javascript, or jQuery.

    When you try to learn something, branch off of what you already know. Don’t learn anything standalone. Always have it relate to something you already know, and then integrate them together. It really helps the learning process.


    I started with w3schools. And I think I should move on.. Thanks for the advices. It seems I have long way to go. ;)


    Seems like somebody has a grudge..

    At any rate, unless you are Stephen Hawking and intend on absorbing everything you read photographically, W3schools will you give you a good foundation for the basics of html. As noahgelman said, everything is easily found on google. Pick up some books, read online references, etc.


    @soap – unfortunately w3schools actually does have incorrect information on it. Keep in mind that w3schools has absolutely no affiliation with W3C.


    I don’t know I haven’t been there in almost ten years. If that is true then yes, you should probably learn from other sources. w3schools isn’t comprehensive enough to take you beyond basics anyway.

    Point being, I started learning there when I was a wee lad and I think I turned out to be pretty damn good at what I do.

    I also remember Don’t know if it’s any good. does look pretty good.

    It is almost inevitable that you pick up some bad habits or non-optimum methods of doing things which you will shake as you learn more and better ways of doing them. Learn from many sources, not just one.

    Also remember that learning is divided into theory and practical application. So as you are reading the text, constantly be putting it into application. This way it will stick and you will understand how it is working, etc.


    The main thing to remember is never stop learning. Every article I read and every video I watch has added something to my web design “toolbox.” Hell, just today, I learned some new jQuery techniques from some of Chris’s videos, and I’ve been using that for a while now.


    You could try online course like i did. There are tons of great places online where you can learn skills you always wanted.
    I am personally recommending you this course:

    You can check it out and decide if you want to become better at what you do or not !

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