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    I’m having a hard time with jQuery, especially when it comes to writing code intuitively. My question is this: What was the moment for you when jQuery became second nature?

    This isn’t intended to be a book/article recommendation, but those are fine if that’s what made jQuery click for you.

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    Took a long time for me. I started with just having a few hide() / show() thingies here and there and some scrollUp() / scrollDown(). Very basic, in all my work. Then from there, it just grew really…. I started to add a few more functions/effects in some sites, I installed a few plugins, and little by little it just became more natural.

    I’m a firm believer that you should (have to) force yourself into using any technology just for the sake of using the technology. If you just let things progress naturally, it’ll be easier along the way. You’ll bump into situations where you’ll think “ah, that’s where I should use some jQuery” and so you’ll make another step. Before you know it, it’ll be very intuitively.

    Having said that, it’s also very helpful to just experiment and try stuff. That’s when you’ll discover stuff that you will find so helpful, that it’ll become second nature to use it. For me, it was when I figured out how to read and manipulate form fields very easy. Of course I use that all the time now.

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    @eristic, i am not John Resig by any means, but when i learned Javascript, jQuery made it 110% more fun :)

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    Cross-browser JS headaches made me start with jQuery, for example event handling. I wasn’t even that good at JS at that time, but it was easy to learn because I was already programming in other languages and thanks to jQuery I didn’t have to deal with cross-browser inconsistencies until I felt like it was time to stop using jQuery for everything.

    For example I don’t do stuff like `$(this).attr(‘id’)` anymore because `` is already cross-browser. This is a nice article to read with more of those examples:

    This one: I could have made with jQuery, but I wanted to try without… don’t know if it works in IE8- because CodePen stops working there but I’m happy with the result :P I still not totally comfortable with the way JS handles Object Oriented programming though.

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    @CrocoDillon OOP styling for me, i stick purely with javascript. I actually started playing around with TypeScript for the love and feel of Object Oriented Programming.

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    @jamy_za I have not used backbone.js, however I have been using knockout.js which is super intuitive with MVC.

    Hatin on the MS huh? Well to each their own, the TypeScript is pretty fun to play around with, nothing to lose sleep over though.

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    @JohnMotylJr TypeScript looks pretty good as JS preprocessor (I don’t like CoffeeScript syntax at all), I’m gonna look into it… to learn how they tackle OOP JS if nothing else :)

    @jamy_za Nope, no experience with Backbone (or any MVC framework in JS)

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    Thanks for the advice, guys! I really appreciate it.

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    When I first learned about AJAX, it was during the “wow, look at’s usage of AJAX and Web 2.0-ish stuff” days. Once I learned about how easy it was to work with in JQuery, as well as how easy it made a great many other Javascript projects I had in mind to deal with, I was hooked. It has since become a staple feature in my projects, even if I only use it for a few things here and there, or use it to a greater extent.

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