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    Chris has given me the opportunity to write a tutorial next week. I already have this one in the works, but I’d like to make this a semi-regular gig.

    I’m good at HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal, and I’ve been studying a lot of PHP and MVC frameworks (CodeIgniter thanks to the guys at Nettuts – but I’m considering Kohana too). Also, I’d be interested in getting into Python and a web framework for it.

    If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for tutorials you’d like to see and the format you’d particularly like to see them in (short tutorial, long tutorial, screencast, quick screencast, etc), I’d be all ears and do my best.

    Hope to get some constructive feedback and great ideas from you guys.


    Hmmm…. Tutorial requests are a good idea. Chris should do more of those. Or have some guest tutorials.

    If I had to make a suggestion I’d probably say a tutorial on the wordpress loop. There’s a hundred different ways you can play with it and different ways of displaying your blog posts that making a tutorial on some of the more common variations would be interesting.

    Like for example:
    Showing just the titles
    Have a thumbnail with each post
    Loops in the sidebar
    Multiple loops on a page

    I know these kinds of things are pretty easy for experienced wordpress users but a lot of people get caught up on these things.


    i would be interested in more control with keeping your markup. One of the most important thing to me though forms…. Yes forms, you can never get enough tut help with those. I still have not found a tutorial that can effectively get me to understand the dreaded forms. Check out my website and check out how my markup is out of control now. And to it is minus a form which I do want on my site but keep encountering problems even when I use css-tricks form file download.


    Fantasy request:
    Tutorials on using WordPress as a business CMS, with custom fields, widgets and plugins like the “Apollo Business Theme”. Having everything editable in the back-end with that much control is something that would make my clients much happier.

    (it would most likely require a dedicated series heh.)

    The more realistic request:
    Anything regarding WordPress or Jquery is generally popular amongst the masses, those are my main interests currently.

    And although I prefer to watch screencasts, I would never turn down a good article.


    another good tutorial would be html 5

    Rob MacKay

    Actually a good run through of the WP Loop would benefit lots of people :)

    Chris Coyier

    Literally, my next planned screencast is going to be on utilizing the WordPress Loop. I’m really excited about it, but unfortunately can’t shoot it for about a week. So look for it like Early september. I’m sorry it’s been so long between screencasts this time. General life craziness.


    Chris, can’t wait for that!

    I agree with the wp as a business Cms. I have no need for it right now but I think it would make a very interesting tutorial series.


    I think if Chris is going to do a wordpress loop screencast, and I’d have to second a screencast on forms. I hate forms with a passion, but they’re important obviously.


    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    Chris, if you’re going to do an in-depth look at the WP loop, then I can do one on setting WP up as a business theme.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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