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    I were surfing the apple’s website and just from curiosity I opened google web chrome, and BOOM! I am shocked. In many places for headings, instead of usual heading tags, they use images.

    As long as I know, they’re one of the biggest tech companies, and probably they don’t have bad coders. Is that some kind of “magical secret technique” or why the hell they do it that way?


    why the hell they do it that way?

    they have no motivation to do any better. Apple is consumer-oriented, and their website is “good enough” to sell to consumers.


    They update their website frequently, often including new promo materials. It’s really dumb and non professional to make some headings “H” tags and some with images.
    Also, on the other hand, they make sprites with regular heading, “text-decoration” one and hover one, so it’s also harder to make it that way.
    If there is no real advantage or reason why they’re doing that, shame on them!


    As @JoshWhite pointed out, Apple is certainly not a “Web” company. You’re not talking about Mozilla or Google …or even microsoft. It’s hard to “shame” someone over something they don’t care about.


    You should read ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ by Steve Krug… There is a paragraph in there about how designers/developers have hard time grasping the fact that users don’t really care about their fancy design and various minuscule treatments. Users are looking for relevant information, if they can find it, consume it, process it and take action… everything else doesn’t matter.


    well there are other reasons, like being able to copy the text, which is not possible for images to share along on text only platforms (SMS, IM, IRC, etc)
    Sounds ridiculous now because most of their slogans are very shallow, but if I were a huge apple fan and would like to tell another person how great apple is, I would maybe like to copy one of these.
    but thats just one use case.
    Text is meant to be text and not image. At least where possible.
    Text scales, even though your customer/user doesn’t care. You do it for your own sanity.
    There are a lot of ways to create something, if the end-product is the same for the user, why not make it as flexible as possible for you to create and modify it as designer?


    Apple is not after good website but rather they are after on selling their products. Since they all know that Apple established good reputation since then regarding their product, so they don’t care much about website design.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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