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    what is web2.0?
    IN interview point of view what i have to tell can any one give me small definition to explain this question

    One more question

    why we have mentioned fontsize: in body tag is there any advantages? can any one help me for this

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    Web 2.0 is more like a milestone, it sets out a new generation of user interactivity. A lot of people think its a style, like "web 2.0" buttons, but it is actually sites like facebook/youtube/vimeo/ustream where the user of the site can interact in a way to upload their own content and create their own space and or upload their own content.

    You would define the font size in the body tag in CSS to set a standard for the whole document. Because everything is inside the body the font size cascades unless specified at another point.

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    thanks rob giving me such a good answers to my questions i have one more question can u clarify me

    what we called cascading stylesheets?instead of calling stylesheets is there any meaning to add cascade to stylesheet?

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    well stylesheet is the short name for Cascading Style Sheet – CSS :) There is no difference they both "cascade", most just refer to them as stylesheets so they don’t have to write out the full thing…

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    A small addition to Rob’s definition, it helps to think of Web 1.0 as an extension of the traditional publishing model of things like newspapers, books, radio and television… they are one-way forms of communication. The author creates the content then publishes/broadcasts it while the audience can only receive. Or put more simply, I talk, you listen.

    Web 2.0 gives the audience the ability to not only participate in TWO-WAY communication (responding or replying to the content, often in real time) but often also to CHANGE or MODIFY the content itself. Wikipedia is the obvious example. A content creator publishes content, the public can interact with, change, or discuss the content on the fly. Very Cool.

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    excellent Ian – you were able to say it better than me :)

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