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    Would like to know the following regarding HTML, CSS and Javascript as I am initially focusing on Front End Development:

    1. How does one determine if they are proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript for both employment and freelancing scenarios?

      Is this determined by the time invested, meaning years, the types of projects, etc.?

    2. What is the criteria to be effective and productive in HTML, CSS and Javascript?

    3. What are the total hours per week to become proficient in HTML, CSS and Javascript?

    4. What are 20% of the tags/selectors/data types, literals and variables that deliver 80% of the result for web pages?

    5. What resources could you point me to, to study the specific 20% regarding the tags/selectors/data types, literals and variables?

    6. How would you go about setting up a road map to learn/acquire the intermediate/advanced skills of HTML, CSS and Javascript?

    Would greatly appreciate your honest feedback.


    1. I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve seen many changes to this industry. There’s no easy answer to this since everything changes so rapidly and there’s always something new to learn. I would say your overall experience is determining factor. I don’t put too much on the number of years, as things change, some of the old mentality is hard to let go. So I’m tempted to say that if you’re a new comer you might be at an advantage. But years do play a decent factor when you take into account all the problems/solutions you’ll come across. Repetition, repetition, repetition… only way to get good at anything.
    2. Follow best practices in all languages plus follow coding standards. Read The Clean Coder, PDF and Clean Code, PDF. Establish your own standards, rules to follow, etc., so your results can be predictable, essentially making you more efficient.
    3. 1-2 hours per day, or 4-8… I’d say learn at your own pace. I don’t think there’s a magic number. Just read, watch, listen whenever you have time or feel motivated.
    4. This is a super weird question. Learn what tags should be used for what and use them that way when you need them.
    5. Related to previous question, still weird but see resources bellow…
    6. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Also… See bellow…



    1. Learn to Code HTML & CSS
    2. Learn to Code Advanced HTML & CSS
    3. Learn CSS Layout
    4. Free JS Books
    5. You Don’t Know JavaScript

    That should get you started. If you are a visual learner (like myself) don’t forget to search YouTube for some awesome free videos.

    Hope that helps,


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    Hi Alen,

    Thank you for your honest feedback, the resources and the pdfs you provided.

    You indicated that your post got swallowed up and there’s Feature Bury.

    Would you please add your additional thoughts, resources, etc.

    In your experience, is it realistic to become proficient in HTML in 30 days with 4 hours of practice every day?

    Again, thank you for your feedback.



    If by “proficient” you just mean “knowing how to do it”, then you could learn HTML in that (short) timeframe, I’m sure.

    However, to be good at it, is an entirely different story, and will take lots of practice and experience.

    HTML as a language is fairly easy. It won’t take all too much time to learn the basic foundation of it. But then you need to learn how to apply it properly, and that could take a lot of time.


    You indicated that your post got swallowed up and there’s Feature Bury.

    Previous post got swallowed due to too many links (more than 3) so Paulie had to get it off the spam que. There wasn’t another post after that.

    to be good at it, is an entirely different story, and will take lots of practice and experience.


    Repetition, repetition & repetition…

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