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    One more question for today. I have a couple of small content chunks that are not likely to change frequently, but rather than static html, I would like to create a post or an entry of some kind that I could target for things like: phone number, address, mission statement, etc.

    I suppose I could use Custom Post Type UI and create some kind of snippets? Any recommendations?

    And a related question is on the best way to bring those snippets in.

    Thanks for the help!


    Yes, this is for WordPress, but this doesn’t seem exactly what I was thinking. I have been working in Expression Engine for years and it has a couple of options for global variables or even short ‘blurb’ entries that you can reference in the body of the site.

    For example, I have a sidebar that shows on all inside pages with a list of companies and a brief company profile. I would like to make that list one entry and the profile another entry and then be able pull them in. that way, if the list changed or the profile changed the client could easily edit that entry and the content would be current.


    I’ve only ever worked on a handful of small fixes in EE (snippets, templates, loops), but I think you’re looking for something in WP similar to EE snippets ? Basically a “mostly” static chunk you can paste all over the place?

    If so I’d go with @TheDoc ‘s recommendation with creating a few shortcodes. Mostly because you can use them just about anywhere in WP (post, pages, widgets, page templates etc.).

    Alternatively you could create a “Static Bits” custom post type, but you’d still need to create a method of snagging an individual “bit” to display, which would likely be a shortcode, i.e. [static_bit id=”1234″] or [static_bit slug=”my-bit”] The only reason I’d recommend using a CPT over shortcodes is if you have a lot of “bits”, like 20+.


    Thank you both for your input on this. I’ll give it a try and see what works best for my situation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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