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    I’m planning to apply for front end developer jobs. The problem is that, I’ve only worked for my self for last couple of years (freelance), so I don’t know what to expect from job in actual company. I assume I’ll need to work tight with designers and back-end developers, which is fine with me, but does that mean that I’ll need to be experienced in design and know several back-end programming languages as well?

    I’m assuming that thing required from front-end developer include: JavaScript / jQuery , Html (5), css (3), git / github, some creativity and maybe .htaccess

    I also saw that some job advertisements require you to know and mvc, php which I can’t picture to be requirements for a front-end development.

    So, (in general) what are requirements that modern front-end developers need to meet?

    # January 4, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    The line between “back” and “front” moves, depending on the project and/or company.

    One company might be referring to the difference between core framework APIs and forward-facing PHP+MySQL code, while another might be distinguishing between HTML and Photoshop.

    Using your example, if you’re going to define “front-end” and HTML+CSS+JavaScript, then I would not expect to see “.htaccess” on your list (after all, it’s basically a runtime config for Apache – *definitely* a server-side thing). If you expect .htaccess to be in a front-end skillset, why not PHP?


    At the end of the day, though, just trust the job description: if they’re asking for PHP, you’ll be using PHP (and be expected to know how to).

    *BTW, [MVC]( isn’t exclusive to “backend” programming. JavaScript is not just kiddie-script, and JS apps benefit from programming patterns as much as any language.*

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    As above it depends on the company. Most will expect some PHP or knowledge now, in the same respect that you need to know *some* PHP in order to integrate designs in to WordPress.

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