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    So I’m butting heads with another web dev at work about implementing HTML5Boiler plate into our CSS and adopting HTML5 tags.

    My co-worker is of the mind that we should strip out anything we aren’t using from the BoilerPlate such as HTML5 tags we are using.

    I’m of the mind that other than some purely visual declarations (link colors etc.) that we should leave in everything that comes with it since much time and thought has been placed into including many of the classes. Also in the case of excluding HTML5 tag support for IE for HTML5 tags we aren’t using should be left in so that we actually start using them.

    Our website is fairly un-semantic and I’ve received resistance from using HTML5 tags. Getting them stripped out, and replaced with something as silly as


    Without getting into SASS ot LESS, I believe that one should use Boilerplate or any other framework if it helps the design process.

    If you aren’t using a particular class then it’s a matter of finding some way of stripping it out of your CSS file before going on and minifying.

    This is something I’ve been looking at recenty and a quick Google search gave me this

    I haven’t tried it yet but it could be useful.


    I am definitely in the mindset of ease of use / maintenance than file size. Especially since people who usually complain about file sizes commonly include uncompressed, or even compressed javascript libraries for only one or two functions they offer. Which seems quite counter productive.


    Thanks for the responses guys :) definitely helped the conversation with my co-worker. We found a common ground where we understood each others position.

    Definitely been looking at a per-processor like SASS to help with workflow and speed of development.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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