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    May be a dumb question, but it’s been bugging me recently. I see “URL=” inside alot of URL’s, such as this one:

    What exactly is this used to do? Is it part of the iFrame functionality? I know the last part of the URL (after the URL=) is the part being displayed in the iFrame, but I’m unsure of why it is included in the primary URL as well.


    # October 23, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    You visit some website and content is presented by date, api might be like this:

    Now you want the content sorted by title, something like this:

    Behind the scenes, sort is like a variable passed to the server, based on the value, we output the desired response.

    We are sending the request to the same page, but the `?sort? parameter in this case, dictates how results are returned. This eliminates the need to build many different pages that basically do same but present info differently. So we make a GET request to the same page, passing in data that server can deal with and return results. (of course you would need to build that functionality, whatever your website is suppose to do with the value passed)

    In the example you posted:

    You are making a GET request on /search-2 with the variable of url with value of http%3A%2F%2Flink.flexmls....

    Hope that helps.

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