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    I have this image

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    and I want to place inside my site but with text not as one hole image , is it possible ? if so how I can do that ?




    It’s possible with html css. You start working on it. When you have some problem, you show the problem here. People here will help you.

    Hints: Take one container div where all the other divs will reside.

    The long orange line: Take a div and make it principle and keep all the other divs inside it so that it works like a widget. Give it a relative position and the rest of the children will be absolute. Now start positioning other divs.

    For the right and left facing arrows: use pseudo elements (::before, ::after) to create them. This portion will be little tricky as it has border aligning with the body but don’t worry. Start working first.



    Try Googling “html css timeline template” for lots of examples to get you started. Here’s one to get you going



    thanks alot

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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