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    I am getting much interest in website development and seo. What are all the technologies that i really need to learn to build very dynamic and creative websites? Below are the list of technologies which am thinking could help, but am not sure if this bundle is the right choice. I already have my website built well, but i would like to redo it using wordpress platform. please advise what’s the best bundle for wordpress.

    WORDPRESS – Intermediate level
    1. HTML (possibly version 5 – learning in progress)
    2. CSS (possibly version 3 – learning in progress)
    3. Javascript (learning in progress)
    4. JQuery (learning in progress)
    5. PHP (yet to start)
    6. Photoshop (very proficient)
    7. IDE – Sublime Text 2 (will this work for all of the above combination? & Java as well if incase i need to do, because i might possibly learn java for my work to use with selenium)

    I hear lots of framework for PHP. which is best? What am i missing above?

    Pleae advise. Thanks!


    For me you are in the right track. PHP framework I am using is CodeIgniter since it is well documented.


    If you are interested in building dynamic web apps look into MVC – model-view-controller frameworks. Like: [Ruby on Rails]( (Ruby), [Django]( (Python), [Express]( (Node), [Laravel]( (PHP) to name a few.


    @hariharancam : If you are interested in Mobile App development and have NO IDEA where to start, check out the PhoneGap/Cordova API. It is a framework that is very easily used with Eclipse. Also, if you want to develop apps for all available platforms, rather than learning Objective C, Java, etc. PhoneGap will convert your project into all platforms. It is open source but how they make their money is converting your project to all the platforms. But hell, its worth it for me.


    1. If you have knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript then you can create an app.
    2. So easy to use and HEAVILY documented.
    3. If you have a lack of the native language the PhoneGap api has some pretty powerful javascript work-arounds.
    4. You can test your application as soon as you hook up your phone to comp, sync, and hit run. (Virtual phone as fallback).
    5. Although you aren’t coding native language, it is super simple to google or buy a book that explains how to do certain things.
    6. Mostly all coding is done in HTML5, CSS/3, Javascript.
    7. Plenty of examples to show you what you need to know.


    1. Pain in the A$$ to install and configure (if you aren’t familiar with Eclipse, JDK, SDK, Applaud plugin, etc).
    2. Getting eclipse to read your phone at first may be a little bit of a pain (depending on your phone).
    3. Cumulatively you do have to pay a small fee to have your project converted (Only if you want your code translated into a different language, it’s really not bad and well worth it).
    4. The virtual phone soaks A LOT of memory and is slower then an elephant.

    The first APP i made when i discovered PhoneGap was a HighFive app lol. It used the accelorometer to test speed and distance traveled as well as testing for compatible NFC recognition. If two people have the app in the same room and throw a high five ya get a nice slap noise and an ugly hand pops up. Kinda ridiculous but that app only took me the rough part of a day to build.

    Check it out!

    PhoneGap – Getting Started

    Applaud Plugin for Eclipse

    Eclipse Indigo (Nice and stable version)

    Java JDK

    Android Development Tools (ADT)

    PhoneGap (Getting started with iOS)

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.


    I dont know, for some reason i believe in PHP. Bobbylie statement makes me feel comfortable. I dont know what framework is best, and i believe everyone pick their own and recommend me what they use which pretty much make sense to me.

    But in general what framework has more video tutorials? more support? I dont want to get too advanced in PHP, but believe mainly on html, css and jquery. is it possible to develop a website using these three alone in wordpress? let’s say i pick a theme and modify it to my needs. I want to be creative with all images, menus, snippets etc.

    Please advise for that. Thanks!

    and, I am not interested in mobile apps thanks ;)


    I wouldn’t call WordPress a framework. It’s a CMS, Content Management System built with PHP. Laravel, Codeigniter and CakePHP are PHP frameworks.

    > html, css and jquery. is it possible to develop a website using these three alone in wordpress?

    Yes. Minimum required: HTML, CSS, some PHP.

    I would suggest [downloading a copy of WordPress](, following [their 5min install guide](, then once you have [WP running locally](, [dive into the code]( and see how everything fits together. You can [download blank templates]( to start designing your own theme.

    Blogging has really popularized WordPress and it’s a good platform to start learning.


    Thanks Alen.

    If you notice in my initial post in this thread, i have mentioned that am an intermediate level in wordpress. I am aware wordpress is a CMS, but just wanted to know which PHP framework and bundle of technologies that i need to go forward to be able to tell, that i can create dynamic creative websites from the scratch or using existing base themes.

    Do you recommend codeigniter or laravel?


    You list WordPress as intermediate level but later you list PHP as ‘yet to start’… So I’m really not following you.

    > What I need to learn to develop Dynamic Website – technology bundle?

    If you’re interested in continuing with PHP and Dynamic part of this question, then: in order of importance…

    1. HTML & CSS
    2. PHP/MySQL
    3. WordPress Custom Templates
    4. Relational Database Management Systems.
    5. PHP Frameworks

    6. JavaScript (jQuery)

    > Do you recommend codeigniter or laravel?

    If you’re fan of [Jeffry Way on TutsPlus](, he swears by Laravel. Said to be one of the most elegant PHP frameworks around. They have a new version 4 that looks pretty great so far with limited experimentation I did.


    Thanks Alen. Appreciate your response. I did mention wordpress as intermediate on how to use existing theme and know what file does what, installation, posts, pages, backups, plugins widgets. I don’t really have to know PHP to work on wordpress i believe. Because I don’t.

    I just started watching Jeffry Way on tutsplus. I am loving his tutorials. It’s the best tutorials i have seen.

    I will follow Laravel. I heard about it a lot too.

    Thank you so much! :)

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