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    As far as I can tell the standard for this is an <a> tag, but it doesn’t really make much sense. Especially if you have nothing to put in the ‘href’ attribute so you end up making it ‘#’ or ‘javascript:void’ or something silly like that.

    To me the HTML button element kinda makes the most sense, though it can be a bit weird with styling and the fact that you have to specify type="button" to keep it from submitting a form is odd (and kinda comical.. button type button is not the default?)

    What do you guys like to use, and what do you think about the semantics?

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    Use <button> it’s much friendlier on mobile

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    Button is the appropriate element. If you don’t want to specify button, you can in the script that gets called when you press it use event.preventDefault()

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    Wouldn’t you know it, Chris posted today….

    When To Use The Button Element

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    you have to specify type=”button” to keep it from submitting a form …

    Note: only if the button is inside a form.

    Dunno if that’s relevant to your use case, but I typically don’t have buttons in forms that aren’t for submitting the form.

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