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    Hi everyone,

    When you create a new site and domain, whether for yourself or a client — what email addresses do you create?

    It seems obvious to use "", but that’s quickly flooded with spam.

    It seems there are several types of addresses you’d need:
    — The owner’s name @, for professional correspondence
    — Support @
    — Orders @
    — Surveys @
    — Info @ ??

    I know it depends on the nature of the site. Just wondering if everyone uses info@, or if there’s a more professional yet succinct way to create an email structure.

    This could be an interesting discussion, and I may write a blog post on the different points brought up. But mainly, I have several of my own sites, and am looking for some consistency without everything being info@.



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    The only thing I do is ask the client.

    Generally, I’m not quite sure how many small or even medium sized businesses still have a general "info" or "sales" prefix to their email. Mostly it’s all done through web form that email to whoever handles that kind of thing. The rest of the time it’s someone specific within the company who gives their email to someone else.

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    yea I ask the client too. Most like having personal emails for team members and a generic one like "support" or "info" depending on what the company does.

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    one caught my eye the other day, when using a personal name as a domain name..

    for example, people would like, which I always found to be a bit bizarre. This guy however had

    ridiculously simple and glaringly obvious thing to use, but jeez.. so much nicer than saying your name twice in the same link.

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    Yea, I don’t have a "normal thing I do." I will normally make one email a catch-all account until it starts getting spammed.

    "greg.mcausland" wrote:
    for example, people would like, which I always found to be a bit bizarre. This guy however had

    I actually like that. I’ve got "ash {at}". I met one guy who had something like "notchris {at}". I thought that was funny.

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