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    So, My website is very heavily dependant on photography/imagery. Imagery comes from third party image host , to decrease load on bandwidth.

    I did several things to improve speed/size of the page including:

    1) All images are optimised as far as possible in photoshop and exported for web.
    2) Website runs w3 total cache + Cloudflare cdn (I’m on wordpress)
    3) Javascript and css minified (as far as I could)
    4) put files together to reduce http requests (as far as I could)

    Yet, webpage size is still 2.8mb and load time is 5s (data from

    I’m trying to find out what else can I do to decrease loading times. I was thinking, at the moment there are so many http requests for audio and image files, is it possible to make them all one request or something maybe?

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    2.8mb isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t look like anything is being cached at all. Every time I load the page I’m getting 2.8mb. Though, that loads pretty quick for me.

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    I think part of the issue is that nothing is being rendered on the page until everything has loaded.

    Check out [this article]( on reducing the “perceived load time”. Basically, show the key portions (frame work) of the page first and don’t wait for images or something like Discuq to finish loading before showing the page.

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    @Rugg Are you talking about Subsetter? It only works for FF webfonts.

    You can also use htaccess to gzip them.

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    The single best thing you can currently do is to server scaled images. Also there is some caching you can improve on. Here is full report for all possible things:

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    Whatever you did had an impact. I loaded 88 requests, 1.5mb, in 2.79s in Anchorage, Alaska a few minutes ago.

    At the size you’re using, I’d suggest making sure no image is larger than 70k. Several are at 100k.

    Amazingly small css, BTW!

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