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    Hi everyone, what do you all think to my first website?
    It is currently still in progress but you can all get a good idea of it.
    Do you have any suggestions on how this could work better.
    I have learnt an awful lot but still have lots to learn and would love any advice towards my site.

    Many Thanks


    One thing I’d change when it comes to layout is this :

    #ad3 {
    width: 94%;

    With left: 6% positioning applied already, that’ll remove the horizontal scrollbar.

    Some of the text isn’t very readable, I have to say. Looks nice otherwise.

    Really though, is it a 37-40 hour a week job?


    Thanks for the feedback much appreciated.

    I found those hours as an average from multiple sources. What would you put it as?


    I think coding tends to soon be 24/7 minus maybe some sleep and possibly time for nourishment. ;-)


    Haha i see what you mean!

    Plenty has been improved on my site since orginally posting this.

    Could any provide any constructive feedback for this site.


    why is everything so grey? it’s the worst – so depressive and uninteresting color.

    put some unobtrusive background pattern in your layout.


    Use overflow-x : hidden in your CSS; this will remove the horizontal scroll; regardless of screen size.

    I also agree with the dark colors; you are Seattle; put a little Phoenix in the layout.

    Your responsiveness is nice, but minimize the window the size of a smartphone and you will notice the right ad banner covers the divs to the left and the images are not truly responsive.

    You have the viewpoint set for RWD; however, you may be using code that removed the RWD (maybe relative positioning?). If you do not want RWD, there’s no sense to use:
    <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> because this is what makes RWD possible.


    I am using Bootstrap; therefore, I do not need to worry about a lot of the formatting in CSS. This is why I am lost; I used Dreamweaver to create my 1st site and did not learn the necessary attributes.

    I am learning very fast; people such as Beverly and Shikkediel have helped me a lot.

    I attended 4-year colleges, not a tech school. I learned a lot about everything, not just programming.

    The colors are one thing they teach; another is never use more than 5 sentences in a paragraph. I noted in your code you actually placed a space (enter) to separate your tags; add a <br> in some of your paragraphs (that’s just my opinion).

    One last thing is to ensure your div containers (such as what Shikkediel said: “Some of the text isn’t very readable…”); add height:auto to the div/containers that show where the text disappears. [Online Code Editors]

    I have not really looked into much of your code; but these were the issues I had and how I mitigated the issues. Again, I used Bootstrap; these suggestions may not work for you; but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    When I first learned programming, we were on HTML3 or 4; that was several years ago. I have a tendency to forget things I do not use; therefore, I waited until the end to complete my core courses.

    My degree is B.S. I.T w/ conc in website development. Unfortunately, they did not teach me what I really needed to know. I learned more by myself in 3 weeks than in 8 years. I finished my last course 12 days ago and learned about Bootstrap on March 5.

    I am still working on my site and have taken all that time just to finish 1 page. I had to create a portfolio and used 2 pages for an “About Me”

    I still have a lot of work to do, right now, I’m stuck on cookies. None of my colleges taught me about JavaScript.

    Oh, yeah…one thing my research taught me is to use the <head> for any styling and place all <script> at the end of the <body>. Sources state doing so makes pages load faster**;


    **Good, because user doesn’t have to wait for scripts.
    Bad, because the functions become available after the HTML is loaded. A user has a chance to click on button which may not work. Usually adding special code that hides functionality until the script has loaded resolves the problem. **

    You can visit my page; however, do not take note of my code. I am using includes for my pages; when you view my pages, they remove my UTF-8 charset and put this:

    <head><meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=us-ascii”>

    in its place.

    I am expecting to call me and explain to me why this is happening. All I know is they are still using HTML 1 in their file manager, but HTML5 for their own pages.

    Again, these people know a heck of a lot more than I do and I am just trying to pay it forward.


    I actually really like the look of this site and everything seems to work pretty well.

    Looking at some of the tools listed on this page , it seems i have used a lot of these in the past so i could imagine this website being very helpful for those starting their journey in web development.

    Keep it up


    One thing that bugged me was using flat design assets in some places while using Skeuomorph design in other places (the two screwdrivers).

    Choose one style. Combining the two seems really off.


    This may be really dumb, but I don’t know how to see his site. The link to developmenthub takes me to that main site and I have no idea how to find furniss11’s site there. What am I missing?


    Hi RobAlex

    The main page you refer to is my homepage, that is my website, feel free to take a further look by having a look at the other pages.



    Wow, now I get it. Great site! Very useful. I already learned about Test any Website. I’m very impressed. I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but if I link to another site such as you do a lot due to the nature of your site, I like to open in a new tab so that it’s easy to return to the “home” site. Otherwise thanks for the great resource!


    Many thanks RobAlex

    Really appreciate it.


    Many thanks RobAlex

    Really appreciate it.


    You’re welcome. When you said “first site” I wasn’t expecting something that polished. Great job!

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