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    Hello everybody,

    First I want to appologize for being less active the last days. I was very busy with school and work etc. so I had less time to be here. And that brings me to my question. I just wondered what kind of people you all are. Of coures everybody has a profile, but wouldn’t it be nice to just introduce yourself shortly to the rest?

    So for me: I am Edwin from the Netherlands. I am 21 years old. I’m studying journalism and developing websites is my part-time job. Besides doing that I love to watch movies and go mountainbiking.

    Volkan Görgülü

    Hi, I am Volkan from Ä°stanbul, Turkey. I am 23 years old (24 in May :cry: ). I am studying teaching english and this is my last year at college, I hope it will finish in June.

    I have been taking part in web projects as an user interface coder for like 5 years. And at June I want to open my own website in Turkish which will be about user interface coding. I am developing my own wordpress theme when it is ready I will post it here and ask for your ideas.

    On the other hand I am engaged with my girlfriend, we are thinking about getting maried on the summer of 2009. I love watching movies, I am a fan of Lost.

    Finally at the very moment, I am waiting my brother who is inline in a shop to take GTAIV.

    Best Regards, hope to hear from more people. By the way, Edwin thanks for that great idea.


    okay, my turn now:

    My name is Michael, I am a student of Media Computer Science at the Stuttgart Media University in Germany. I am in my 6th semester and also working on my bachelor thesis (actually, Microsoft Word is open on my second screen, I kinda got distracted by my RSS reader… ;-) )

    I have several sites, but mostly work on my blog, which is based on WordPress. I love tweaking and improving it by adding nice little touches of css and php. So CSS, PHP and HTML are my hobbies, at work it’s more about Java Server Faces and concepts in general.


    Hey there cool cats, I’m Evan. I design mostly for print in my working life, but quality web-design is a big goal for me right now. I’m 24, and I’ll be settling into Portland, OR in a few months (Buy you a beer sometime, Chris). Right now I work at a horse magazine as tech-support, webmaster and print layout designer. I really don’t like horses though.
    I started tinkering with web sometime in early 2000, started in Notepad on a Tandy, wound up in Coda on a Mac.

    I’m getting a design-curio-culture blog going at here shortly, but with my upcoming move I won’t really get into it for a few months yet.

    I have an awesome cat.
    He clawed me in the eye when the flash went off.


    Hello all,

    My names David Sparks. I’m 25 and I was the Sr web designer at Expo South here in Memphis TN for a year and 9 months. Friday was my last day and I start my new job at CS2i, also here in Memphis, Monday. My primary responsibilities will be slicing up PSD’s from the design department and coding them in xhtml/css. I’ll also be delving deeper into SEO and taking lead in that area as well as receiving training in php, .net, hopefully RoR and god knows what else. Pretty excited.

    Ive been a professional musician for the last 5 years and late last year moved on to focus on web stuff.
    I love art, designer vinyl toys, my dog "Munny", the internet, BASKETBALL (go tigers), politics, movies and Call of Duty 4.


    Hi everyone my name is Chris. I am 20 Junior in College and my Major is Film. I work for Best Buy Geek Squad and now i am trying to get away from fixing computers to designing websites. I do not know much about web development but i am really trying. I make short films during my free time and I also just sit in front of my computer reading and trying to learn more about technology or website design. I do not play many video games but I play Halo 1,2,3 religiously and i have started getting into Rock Band and Guitar Hero. :D


    Hey there!
    My name is Flavia, I’m 29 and I currently live and work in sunny Florence (Italy) and I mostly do CSS, XHTML, DOM scripting and some Javascript. I once worked as a designer, but I found out I like coding best (and I’m not a very original designer. I’m good at sketching GUIs, but I’d best leave the art to the pros).
    I’ve been working on the web since 1998, with tables and font tags just like Box said… I just fell in love with css the first time I heard of it in 2001.
    I’m mostly a reader here, I hope in the future I’ll be of more help.

    My other interests include music (blues, jazz, country, rock from the ’70s…) and traveling around the world when I can.

    Cheers to you all, fellow CSS-Tricksters :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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