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    what kind of PC backup do you use?
    do you create an image copy or just backup files/folders on your computer?

    I have Norton Ghost 2001 and 2003, and a trial copy of Acronis True Image.

    I like Norton Ghost as it creates an image backup of my PC by partition. Unfortunately my NG 2003 does not work with one computer I have with an ATA drive in it, apparently this drive is not supported in NG 2003. I have been testing Acronis True Image, it works, but the bootable CD does not work on my older PC running Windows ME, although one of their older versions did support all of the older operating systems. Still not sure why it should matter if the program is just backing the hard drive up data. It does say in the specs that it does not support anything lower than Windows XP.

    any comments?


    p.s. I guess what is driving this is that I want to backup the hard drive on my laptop. The hard drive is 100GB and if I had set it up, I would have set it up with at least 2 partitions so that I could try using NG to create an image copy of the data from the C: drive onto the other and then back that up to another location on my home network. I tried using NG 2003 and creating an image copy of another PC here onto an external USB drive, and this is very slow, it took
    10-12 hours to backup 20GB of data that way. Not really user friendly. i still have not tried the copy to a USB drive on the laptop yet, just will take too long to backup 26GB of data.

    If I have a hard drive crash on my HD on the laptop, I want to be able to just replace it and run a restore program to get back to where I was at last backup. I don’t want to run the recovery disk or have to load the o/s or anything like that.

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