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    what do i need to make a web page 40% as good looking as this site i mean, all the colour shifts on buttons, and the slick look of this.

    i got a domain + wordpress installed.
    is thesis + a Responsive child theme, is that enough, if not anyone can recommend me a “new user” beginner pack to fiddle whit that can become this advanced in time as i learn,

    btw i was thinking to use it as a landing page for my YouTube, and eventual add a shopping cart ect.


    Unfortunately you can’t become great overnight at designing beautiful websites like css-tricks. I’m still not that great at the design of a site but I’ve gotten better over the years. Picking themes apart that others have built is a good start. You can learn a lot from someone’s work.

    Personally I started in Web Design & Development by watching some of Chris Coyier’s videos of websites he built. He has gathered and shown a great wealth of information in his videos like PSD to HTML, WordPress, HTML/CSS concepts.

    Other sources of information that helped me to this day are the and sites. They offer great FREE material to learn like css-tricks. I really cut my teeth on the stuff that Jeffery Way was creating and building in his videos on nettuts.

    The most important thing is to never give up and keep creating. I know how you feel because I’ve been there..


    Malene I know how you feel. I would love to make a site this great. Like Westerncj is saying its a craft you have to mold into. There so many avenues to learning css. As you see Chris is still coming up with new tricks and ways to be creative with css. I am in school now for web design and the instructors can only give you the tools and gudelines to making sites. Its up to you and how dedicated you are to this. I still need to learn java and flash. So good luck!


    yea i get that, what im after is > to start of whit a base ex. thesis +/or a child theme, will make a oki webpage, and on the side use that base to excel on bigger better things, using chris tuts and work on it.

    i found this child theme >
    i really like it, do anyone know similar child themes this to cool effects, im gona use it for embed videos “youtube” and sponcer sales+ vlogs

    thanks guys

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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