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    What would you advise a client if you were asked to supply a CMS for a new build website?
    Do you have a CMS that can plugin to a HTML site? Would you be going down the WordPress type of route? Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.


    It really depends on what you want capabilities wise for the CMS. If you want a really powerful one you can always use WordPress. (great support and plugins)

    If you want something really simple that allows for editing page content then I would suggest Unify.

    It only requires a couple classes. The user can change content through the back-end with out any knowledge of html/css.

    Participant is a pretty awesome once. Only needed to use it once and was pleasantly surprised. Took only a few minutes to set up. Works on already built websites.

    Member it’s built on CodeIgniter by an excellent dev team. Easy to use and quite lightweight. I switched to it from heavily-modified WP builds.


    Cheers guys this has really helped me get a view of other CMS’s other than WP. Quite new to CMS and really want to get cracking on learning something new.
    Thanks for spending time to leave a comment on my question.


    Wordpress rules, I am able to code it very easily. It is flexible.


    First post here for me…

    I have tried about a dozen or so CMS platforms including WordPress. The system I have settled on is MODx. MODx is the future. It is a designer’s and developer’s dream. MODx comes in two flavors. I am not a developer geek. I lack scripting skills. I know how to use markup and CSS though. MODx is great when it comes to building custom sites from scratch. Its much easier to move forward than trying to hack or backwards engineer a WordPress theme. I have watched video tuts on creating WordPress themes. There is so much structure and WP loupe stuff to cope with. MODx is just way more flexible.

    My $.02 anyways…


    It all depends of what you are doing of course. I came from a background of building my own sites from scratch: Photoshop files, static valid XHTMl and CSS. What I love about MODx is that I can take any static system that I develop and bring it into MODx and turn my work into a new template. I don’t have to bother with keeping the CMS scaffolding in mind. I have watched videos on WordPress templates and theme construction and there are extra hurdles to overcome. With MODx there is no one way of doing things. You can do things your own way. MODx is not plug and play like other CMS platforms. Some regard this is a liability. I think its one if its main attractions really.

    There are two versions of MODx: Evolution and Revolution. I still prefer Evolution. When You install Revolution there is zero page content, snippets, modules, or plugins. Its a blank canvas. If you go to preview your Home page there is nothing there. But you can import any static design, CSS, etc and start building your template. You can then download the snippets and modules you want. MODx has a great visual tree system that lets you see your page structure.

    One of the issues I see with WordPress is that most WP sites reveal themselves to be WP sites. If you look that structure is usually there. The skeleton that supports WP themes is pretty consistent. My battle with WP is adapting my custom design layouts to a WP theme. Its just too much of a process. I find MODx offers more freedom.

    MODx is not the best blogging tool. WordPress is. But some have said: “it is easer to get MODx to blog than it is to get WordPress to function like a regular website.” For the most part I totally agree. But everyone’s mileage may vary…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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