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    Guys, I think that the title says everything. If anyone have some basics ebooks, sites to indicate I appreciate


    Well, the way that I learned was to just jump right in. When you ask about learning WordPress – what portion are you actually talking about? The CMS itself? The templating system? Creating custom functions?

    Also aside from defining which part you really want to learn about – if you could provide any relevant experience it would make it easier to recommend based on your prior experience. For example, if you are talking about learning how to make themes for WordPress – do you already know PHP? CSS? HTML?

    WP Beginner has a wide range of content to start with:

    Also, I would encourage hanging around the WordPress forums:


    I agree. Just jump in and try to dissect a theme.
    What I did was I searched for the simplest theme I could find and tried to recreate my own using the stuff I see.


    cssgirl, I just wanna start with the basics, create a theme, using the wordpress plugins and manage de cms.
    Css, html isn´t a problem and Php I know the basics I usually develop in java or c#.
    But as you and Ronangelo says I will just jump in…


    Yep – it’s really the best way to learn. :) Jumping right in and getting knee deep into the code and if you have a basic understanding of PHP you should be able to get fairly far to start. Also, the codex is super valuable as a reference or for troubleshooting:


    Hi,For wordpress ,…,it is just an good example. But you must learn more about PHP/HTML/CSS first and then start looking into WordPress theme development to customization.


    Yeah, this was sort of already mentioned, but the codex is a wonderful resource. The [Function Reference]( gives a very nice overview of the types of things you can do with functiony stuff.

    Probably the best way I’ve found to learn how things work is to find the function / class / whatever that you need, and take a look at it in the source — best way to learn to do things “the WordPress way.”


    Hey Vanilson, I too was at the stage where I wanted to learn how to use WordPress and how to break my static (X)HTML & CSS down to create a more dynamic website.

    And not so long ago did I start trawling the Internet trying to find tutorials and videos on how to begin, but to be honest, I found very little. Until…

    I went on YouTube and found a nice little video about Installing WordPress onto your machine and setting up the database etc, little did I know that the guy who made these tutorial videos had 18 tutorials, which range from making a theme from scratch, widgetizing your theme and actually creating, slicing and coding his own theme up.

    It truly helped me learn some common WordPress PHP tags etc and now I’m well on my way to finishing up a project for a friend’s photography business with a nice, clean dynamic website, all added from the backend of WordPress.

    Hope this helps, I’m sure it will.


    If you can install WordPress you can get going right away. Between Google, youtube and forums you will find answers. However, the stronger your php, html / css skills are will determine how far you can go. WordPress is so flexible that you a page template can be a custom php script. This blog offers WordPress and PHP programming advice and can take you as far as you want to go.


    thanks for the help boys and girls…


    I’m a little late to the game but I definitely agree with those who advise to jump right in. I started out by tinkering with a theme, then reworking it (a nice introduction to PHP, BTW), then eventually installing MAMP and WP on my computer and going at it from scratch. I did read a book or two but honestly learned more from wrestling with it on my own.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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