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    Hi guys and girls,

    I have developed a site using wordpress for a timber merchants and have encountered a problem which occurs in ie6 and ie7.

    The problem is that if you go to in Firefox it displays correctly, but when you go to the same page in IE6 and IE7 it displays as a long vertical list.

    I have tried lots of suggestions and still no success and am at a lost of what is causing it.

    So if anyone has any suggestions, please say.


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    I would suggest that you clean up your code before you do anything else. You have four divs wrapping a single <a> element! This is truly divitis. A simple unordered list <ul> will suffice. Also, do not use inline styling, instead move all of your style elements to an external stylesheet. Do this and your problems may go away, if not, then it’ll be so much easier to see where the problem is.

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    Thanks for your reply box, I didnt origianally code this, someone else did and im just finishing the job, but i decided to go with the <ul> route and it now works perfectly in all browsers, thanks.

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