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    i’ve been trying to use wordpress to make a website showing funny videos. i have different categories for funny, sexy, fights blah blah but i just wanted to a little help with understanding how this website works, so that i can understand what i have to do…

    so the site i have been looking at is..

    each video looks like a post, but they look very different from the standard post you get on wordpress and there is a thumbnail pic of the video rather than a massive 400px wide video. how is that done? is it using custom fields? i know about theming and what not, but i think custom fields are what i need to learn, and i just wondered if it was a custom field that was giving you a thumnail pic rather than the video itself.

    (sorry if that was horribly long winded and ugly to read. if anyone could enlighten me on how this kind of situation is achieved i would absolutely love it!)



    In the videos section it will most likely be a loop coming from a database feeding all the information displayed from their respective tables and linking to a page that was generated on the uploading of the video. As for how to do it in WordPress? I don’t know as I don’t use it but I expect it will be similar to the home page of css-tricks where content is pulled in from a database and links to the full thing, it is just different content displayed in a different way. I hope that explains things a bit.


    Thanks for the reply but i understand that the info is being pulled from the database, i am concerned with the precise way that it is being pulled.

    for anyone else, i’m really asking which parts are being pulled from custom fields, and which parts are excerpts etc…

    also, do you think each video is on it’s own page or it’s own post?

    thanks for any help you guys could give me!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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