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    I am just working on my second design of my websites just working on footer lay out at moment if could get some reviews would be great.

    I am designing them for open cart


    Overall, I like the theme. Very clean and easy to read. A few suggestions.

    1) The hover states in the secondary menus are hard to see so I don’t really know what I am clicking on.

    2) I would fix the item listings so that “Add To Cart” is always aligned with the next “Add To Card” button. Maybe add some space between the item name and the button. If the name is too long, you could always use ellipses. Or change the font size. Or implement a character limit. Currently, it is the only part of the site that looks messy.

    3) Eliminate the box shadow on the menu (looks kind of outdated) and ease up on the box shadow and change the color of the search bar, as it looks out of place with the rest of the theme.


    I like the whole look, its clean and properly executed; the only thing is the size of the header you don’t need that much empty black space (unless you going to add more content to it.) also be careful with your transparent drop down menu when you place text because sometime it’ll be hard to see without the right colors. other than that good work.


    Thanks All Will Take All Thoughts Into Consideration As I Will Come Up With My New Designs for My Store In Due Time Not Rushing Into It Like Did Last Time. Had To Also Sort Out My Hosting Problems My Previous Provider Had To Much Down Times 5 Down Times With In One And A Bit Month. Just Switched To New One Changed Company Name.

    Learning About PHP For Website Designs As Most Ecommerce Sites Are PHP.

    Will ASK For Reviews About Once A Month Until Final Design Completed.

    Happy Easter To Every One Long Weekend Here Over In Australia

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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