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    Attila Hajzer

    I’ve kept you updated with my precious designs and have decided to wordpress the site. for some reason, wordpress likes to change the positioning and styling from local. i’m still working out some kinks like javascript and all. but it should be working soon (i know i should have tested before going live.) I’m still learning. but let me know what you think.


    The name (re)design could be little confusing, do you only specialize in redesign? Surely user can be misinformed. I would reconsider the order in which you present information to the user. Place some informative content on top to grab readers attention then guide them through rest of the page. This should clear up the confusion (if any). Think of this piece of content as “[elevator pitch](”.


    One thing that really stuck out to me is your list of skills. I think that is best suited for your résumé.


    Animation for social icons should be resolved differently, it blinks right now. Make the background load earlier.

    Clicking Social breaks down the nav.

    And the yellow hover effect on portfolio sites is a bit stingy, but it’s just a matter of preference I guess :D

    Good job!


    > To @christburton’s point, many of your skills can be combined into one category. Title tags, meta tags, image, planning/designing, etc – that can all be lumped together as “Web design” or “Web strategy” or something of the sort. Many of your “other skills” aren’t really necessary to list. – @siouxfan45

    That wasn’t my point. My point was that it shouldn’t be on a website, really. That data should be in a resume.


    Also, the inconsistency of the typefaces you’re using needs to be addressed. Using PT Sans and Arial within the header doesn’t make sense to me nor do they compliment each other. They’re two completely different styles of a sans-serif. I think you can do better than Arial if you’re going to be using webfonts.


    Great start…my challenge was as said above around yellow nav being not strong enough contrast and service heading font when “bold” is bunched up too much and hard to read.
    Not fond of the hover yellow fading on portfolio…too gimmicky for me, as I prefer simple, clean, unobtrusive but that is just me. I find it distracting from your purpose to highlighting it.
    have fun


    I think the main problem here is more about you implementing things you see on popular sites (including this one) without giving it much thought. Including taking feedback here (not that I disagree) and slapping it on your page without even asking reasons why you should. That’s important.

    I already mentioned the issues with the consistency of the typefaces. There also seems to be a lot of unnecessary spacing going on all over. And the contrast of the social buttons compared to the background just looks completely weird.

    For your benefit, I think I should be straight up and honest. You don’t take the time to be consistent or see issues in your work. I literally clicked on one of the live site examples and saw an issue immediately. Which, by the way, I think those should be shown on your own site with a short descriptive write-up. If you choose to link them from there, great. Anyway, laziness won’t get you anywhere and it’s really a waste of your time if you’re not going to put forth a solid effort. Keep in mind that laziness does not reflect a lack of skill. Seeing you past work over time on this forum, I think you’ve shown a lot of improvement.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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