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    I just launched a website that I built myself. I know that all browsers of internet explorer are dissaster (even Edge).

    I work on a mac computer… so no IE available on my machine.

    But after my website was live for two weeks, I did check my website on a windows computer in edge en IE11…

    And seems to be there is no css at all?… Whole the design seems gone and the pages looking white. The text is still there (html).

    Hmm… for me it seems that IE and Edge are still the browsers that should be forbidden!! It costs developers much time/money…

    Now I have to start find out what the problem is…

    Can somebody give me some directions hints or even the solution?

    Here you can find/see my website :

    Thanks for reading and helping me out!



    Frankly I have no sensible idea.

    The CSS stylesheets are clearly no loading.

    The only thing I can think of is the length of the CSS filepath and file names. they are very long.


    Okay Paulie!

    Thanks for your answer… I will look into that.

    My drupal website uses a module for compressing css and html.
    It puts all the css in one file and creates a new css filename and url…

    So will closer into that.
    Much thanks already … will inform you if it that was the case ;-)

    Update post
    I did turn off the compress css option and this fixed the problem.

    So I guess it’s drupal 8 and IE together that is not working good.
    IE we all hated a long time… but Drupal is also going in bad directions!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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