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  • # September 10, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    Hello friends- I am hoping someone can tut me or send me in the proper direction- I am thinking this is
    a CSS issue but not sure.


    1. the largely CSS cascading menu with a tweak of JS has the stubborn "sub menu" child issue going on- every time
    I try to "gravitate" to the menu from the primary menu it disappears– how do I get it to STAY – like in "stay- sit" upon main menu rollover in CSS?

    2. I am trying to improve SEO (my old menu to this site that I removed was a nice flash menu)- and somehow… when the user clicked on one of 9 links within the flash object swf- – the page would open in the "indexpage" center stage- table. How do i direct my CSS/JS menu to look for the "indexpage" location and replace it? Rather than clearing the index page?

    This stuff should be like what’s 2+2 doncha think? Yet- just can’t wrap my aging mind around it tonight. whew.

    Made the buttons from scratch this afternoon- hope they look ok. Thanks everyone. 8-)

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