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    here is a website i have worked on for half a year.
    It turned out big websites are never done, they are a work in progress FOREVER!
    so i decided its time to release it, in its current state.

    I have grown from wordpress apprentice into a wordpress ninja!

    i have also finally mastered the power of javascript in all its glory. I have faced the demon that is internet explorer and I have seen things no man should ever see!!
    I have become whole….

    This website is for a jewish local community near where I live. It is for ads, classifieds, and even recipes! its whatever the people i live near wanted it to be.
    please tell me in truth how bad or good i did.
    i still am just starting to fill it with content.


    ……! i think its coming along just fine!
    your amazing, i wish i was you!….

    really? is it me or no one critiques here?
    ah oh well


    This forum isn’t very active, and the people who are here do have other things to do… Anyway, you asked for it:

    It seems strange that when you hover over the icons in the top nav, they slide away and their active (glowing) state slides in. It would really look like it was glowing if instead of the slide transition, you went for a simple fade. Or just no transition at all.

    The animation speed on the big banner is so slow I’m almost falling asleep. I just want to see the stuff, I don’t want to spend 30 seconds (literally, in some cases) watching animations before I can read the thing. Make the total execution time much shorter, and then make the display duration longer.

    The transitions are also kind of obnoxious when you’re looking at something else. They’re a good demonstration of your skill as a CSS3 animation creator, but they’re so exaggerated and flamboyant it just comes off as annoying.

    Long story short: Make it more subtle. Just because you can animate everything, doesn’t mean you should.


    thank you for your response!
    perhaps I will shorten the slideshow animations.

    which transitions are obnoxious?
    the only transitions on my site are usually opacity changes on hover, and the menu.

    the nav menu -i had it do that by mistake when i first began making the website, but i thought it was really cool so i left it.


    Hi Shamai,

    Do you have an email or Skype I can contact you on?

    Also do you have a personal website or business website etc.



    sorry i didnt see your post.

    alas! im redoing my website and i sorta took it apart for a reboot!

    my email is reachshamai at gmail….
    i wonder if im gonna be spammed now… well time will tell. lol

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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