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    i need suggestion for my website
    [rpl-community]( “rpl-community”)


    yes, i got it…

    thank’s for suggestion ^_^


    At the very least, I would have a look at how different browser widths affect your main content area. In very narrow browsers, the main content area is so narrow that the text is practically unreadable. In very wide browsers, the line length becomes so long that it becomes very difficult to read.

    To combat this you could either use min-width/max-width on the main content area or use media queries to change the relative width at different browser widths (ie have the area be 95% when the browsers is less than 30em wide, then 80% when the browser is more than 30em wide).


    Some suggestions:

    – Use the html5 doctype – it’s a lot simpler to remember and sets the stage to use HTML5 features.

    – Fix the HTML validation errors; for example, you have several instances of IDs being used more than once per page.

    – No real CSS validation errors – well done on that!

    – As David Leitch noted, various browser widths can cause problems. At narrow widths, your nav items drop below the green background and become almost invisible against the light background.

    – You misspelled Gallery and Discussion.

    I don’t mean to sound completely negative; it’s a very clean looking site and is nicely laid out.


    ok, i will fix it,…

    so, how can i use html doctype?
    because i’m a beginner, i don’t know about html5,

    can you help me?


    ok, thank you very much,….


    thank’s for information,…
    thats very help me

    Rajinder S. GIll

    @aditya_taruna – design need to be improved..Which i thing.


    >design need to be improved..Which i thing.

    @rihanterence. That is a pointless comment. Try and say what you like and why…and what you don’t like and why.

    If you cannot offer specific feedback then perhaps you shouldn’t comment at all.


    Good work Aditya,

    Just some thing to tell, I would suggest you to make the selected menu/page highlighted in menu bar so as can easily noticed.

    And one more thing to say that it seems word “Gallery” in menu is incorrect. Missed a “L” there.

    Good luck Aditya. :)



    I have a few suggestions (IE10 / windows 8 ):

    – Justification. You’ve gone with forced justification. Because, most of the times, there’s no hyphenation, hanging punctuation or kerning applied, forced justification usually looks awful in web pages. Such is the case here, I’m afraid. If you can’t get manage to do it properly, then I’d suggest reverting back to good old Left-justified. Currently, spacing is just all over the place, especially on the Testimonials sidebar.

    – You’re using bold Small caps mixed in with bold Caps for headlines. It appears to me they are fake small caps. Check if you can substitute with real small caps and – on a side note – loose the initial cap and go with small caps for the entire word. I reckon it will look much nicer. And are you sure about the font? It is as though you chose a n Helvetica derivative; not much typographical personality.

    – Your text is not (optically) vertically cantered in your All Articles button.

    – Colour scheme. This is partially a matter of personal preference. Are you sure about this colour scheme? You got green, blue, orange and two shades of brown. It feels a bit too scattered and inexpressive to me. Experiment.

    Well, this are my suggestions. Push, push and then push some more.

    Best of luck!



    Nice work, looks like you are making some progress and you have received some good feedback already.

    Here are a couple notes off the top;

    – I find the font rather small, it would be helpful if it was bumped up proportionally site-wide.

    – On the Contact Us page, it would be a thought to work with your list a little differently, right now I see you are using a list within a list, perhaps tidying up that second list styling. Adding a class to the main list to bump the font size of the particularly contact.

    Good luck and keep at it!


    can i know, how make the tamplate not broken if we minimize or maximize the screen of browsher?

    is more good use ‘%’ then px? or is there spesial technique for that?

    can you give me specific script css for that?


    My website is
    Link for chat room is
    But when I enter my name and get directed to jumpin.php, i get an error somewhat like
    > Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user ‘easys7pg_chatv2’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home/easys7pg/public_html/Chat2/dbcon.php on line 7
    Could not connect
    PLEASE HELP AND mail it to [email protected]

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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