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    My current website is in WordPress, but I can’t help thinking it is way too big for what it needs to be. I don’t update it that often and Spam comments annoy me when they come in waves.

    With this in mind, I have put together a 1 page website to possibly replace it, which I feel does all
    it needs to.

    My old website is, and the new version is at site

    I would love some feedback on either, which you think works best.

    All it really is for is to display all of my web design work in one place.


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    Forgot to add – new website is also in HTML5 and uses alot of CSS3 which I would like to show I can use etc…

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    Gotta say…I prefer the WordPress version…but that’s a personal preference.

    TBH…I don’t think people are looking for static page designers much these days. It’s all very well having HTML5 and CSS3 skills but I think a background in CMS would be preferable to people looking to hire you.

    They will want expect you to have HTML5/CSS3 skills at a minimum so you have to have something else to offer.

    I can buy a spiffy looking template for $20 and have someone adapt it for a lot less than it costs to have someone design it from scratch. Being able to adapt a look and scale it into a CMS has a lot more value…at least IMO.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    I understand where you are coming from in regards to the static site / CMS point, however I am easing away from freelance work now as I just don’t have the time to do it at the moment.

    I work full time as a web designer and this would be more to showcase what I have done in the past to possible future employers. I do have a WordPress site in my portfolio there at the moment, and I have a few more to add which are also WordPress based.

    I may just rethink the layout of the WordPress site slightly, but still unsure.

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    @Mitchell – I’m actually kind of disappointed.
    Your logo is almost an exact copy of Sarah Parmenter if the triangles weren’t the opposite.

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    @ChristopherBurton – I can honestly say I have never seen that logo before in my life. A lot of development time went into my logo (believe it or not), and I am surprised they are so familiar by sheer coincidence.

    Regardless, thanks for pointing it out.

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