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    I give you my first ever WordPress theme … be gentle.

    1. Not a WORD about the swimming fish mouse pointer – I only do what my clients ask me to do :)

    2. In IE7 the menu disappears behind the content … if you have a fix, that would be cool *fixed*

    3. If you have ANY suggestions, please share!

    **A BIG thank you to TheDoc and WolfCry911 for their help on NUMEROUS issues with this site — you guys are saints. This has been an epic learning experience.


    Nicely presented, easy to find your way around. The colors suit their Florida location. All things considered, an attractive and effective site.

    I did notice that in one browser (Safari 5.0.2) some of the items in the first three drop-down menus looked odd: a few initial caps display bolder than others, an inconsistency that looks like a mistake rather than a planned visual style. (Didn’t see this in other browsers I used (Firefox 3.6, Chrome 11.0, IE9).

    I did NOT see any swimming fish mouse pointer, and that’s a relief.

    Other reactions relate to the content so you might not have control over these:

    I wouldn’t include Games on a site for a business like this. And one of the games starts with a disclaimer that makes it sound like it has been pirated. Not a good impression to give.

    I’m not sure about the random photos/images (top of right sidebar area). They’re different widths, which looks a bit odd (might be OK if they were all centered). And one of them is a cartoon fish. What’s that about? Doesn’t seem at all related to orthodontics. She really has a thing for fish, I guess.

    Finally, W3C validation showed a few HTML errors. Most are inconsequential, all could probably be corrected pretty easily. CSS validation showed just a few things you might want to look at. (One of these looks like the reason there’s no swimming fish pointer.)

    Just my $0.02 worth.


    The only thing that I noticed was that at my resolution (1920 x 1200) I could see the seam of your background. It looks as if at smaller resolutions this seam hides behind the content.
    Also on a side humorous note…. my captcha for your sites contact form was ‘diarrhea lishist’ which totally made my morning lol.




    I couldn’t second Doc’s suggestion any stronger…digital dirt collects quick!


    Oh and for a first WordPress theme, you rocked it! Congrats!

    My only suggestion would be the fact that if you click a top level link in the nav, it defaults to a hashmark. This can be really confusing and frustrating to a user and my analytics have told me that they are really clicked a lot, which is not good.

    My suggestion is that if you’re not going to create an actual page for these links, either have it go to the first item on the dropdown (not ideal but at least they get something for their click and the new WordPress menus make this extremely easy to do), or have it default to a javascript:void instead of a #. An empty anchor of # will actually make the page jump to the top if they have a smaller monitor.


    1st WP theme??? Wow. I know you’ve expressed frustration with WP a couple times in your question threads, but man…you rocked it. Clean, easy nav, nice colors,…my only disappointment is that I did NOT see the little fish pointer…otherwise I’d have to rate this job as SuperBadHellaDope. :)



    last i heard, custom CSS cursors have very limited browser support. and when they are supported, they usually only accept .cur files. can’t seem to find anything to back this up though.

    but if the client is running IE8, then i wouldn’t worry about it ;) great job on the site.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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