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    Hi everyone,

    Just found this site on google and I feel this site is unique in it’s look and feel. Very inviting. . Someone has created this site really well.

    I am looking for some feedback for newly updated website :

    Everything looks fine to me. If you have any design suggestions or if something looks weird or browser compatibility issues, please let me know. I use expression engine.


    Clean look. From just a quick look the shadow on the left side of page does not work as is. The top and bottom are cut off…not a good look. Align your image on the bottom of the page with the text.


    Thank you! Changed.


    It gives a very nice first impression. Overall clean look and feel – appears quite professional. Well laid-out with good whitespace. Good use of colors (although I’m not crazy about the dark gray in the nav bar).

    I did a quick view in a number of browsers (all on the PC – I don’t have a Mac). Performs fine in Firefox3.6, IE8.0, Safari 5.0.2, Chrome 9.0, and Opera 11.0.

    W3C HTML validator shows 10 errors, none of which are critical. But I’d fix whatever I could.

    CSS validator shows one error – negative padding on a footer element.

    Speaking of CSS, why not eliminate br and style the separator lines with CSS?

    Also, odd use of headings: h6 for the titles in Latest Articles, but no h1, h2, h4 or h5.

    Still, these are minor points; overall a nicely organized and presented site.


    Thanks . I will fix the html issues. Most of it is from the facebook plugin I installed.

    The bottom negative margin is bcos I tried to align the image with the text as per Chris suggestion.

    And I am sorry, but can you explain the “s” please. I don’t understand what you are saying.

    Thanks a lot again.


    Nice Work


    I digg white websites. Can’t go wrong with it.
    The right sidebar: under “popular articles”, the whole table jumps up and down for about 3px as you hover over link. Maybee that was your intent, but for me, it feels somewhat broken css.

    exercise biology (top right): Try putting this link in its own row.

    Last row under the CATEGORIES is broken. The left border needs to go to the bottom. *edit* Or the right needs to be shorter.

    Nice overall.


    Thanks reallife!

    Thanks supperman. What browser you are using. I don’t see the hover effect on mine (chrome & IE).

    And what do you mean by putting the link on it’s own?

    That’s the border of the content. I cannot use the side bar because that will get cut off when we go to the article page. Not sure how to do it.

    The only thing about white background I feel is a bit hard on eyes to read the articles. Is htta a valid concern?


    Hi Supperman,

    I fixed the problem when you hover. Thanks for the catch.


    I like the site. A nice straight forward layout and everything seems easy to find. The only change I can recommend is to take the drop shadow up to the menu section as well and taper the corner some how.


    Thanks! What do you mean by take the shadow up to the menu section?


    Hi snillor,

    I cleared the br tags now and I fixed the html errors. I couldn’t get the errors from facebook plugin to be fixed.

    And for the h tags, the h1 and h2 tags are article titles and subheadings in the article page. It makes more sense for SEO to have it that way.

    And what color navbar you suggest?


    About the border:
    try to delete css property in #content {border-right: 1px solid #E4E4E4;}
    and put it in #sidebar {border-left: 1px solid #E4E4E4;}


    Some minor beauty fixes i would do that would give a more profesional look:

    Small icons before every category are a good idea, but aren’t consistent for my eye. It looks like they were put together from different designs. Icons don’t have that feel of beeing unified.

    For instance:
    The star icon has a subtle grey background, others don’t.
    Icon under categories haven’t got a shadow under it. Others have.
    Icon under Popular categories is in somewhat more 3D style than others.


    Hi supperman,

    But the problem with that is that in the article page, the content will be long and the side bar will be short and the border will be cut off halfway.

    And I agree about the icons and great point. I googled those. I will have to work on those. I don’t have photoshop. I work with Thanks for the excellent suggestions

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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