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    My website is a company I own called Kansas Outlaw Wrestling. We are a professional wrestling organization yes you guesed it based in the state of Kansas in the United States and I consider myself almost a great MODERATE coder of html and css. So I designed a mockup in paint and then worked on my html and css off that. The theme of our company is based off the old western sort of with desperadoes and outlaws and the old saloons. Our colors are actually red black and white but I went a different way with the actual page color scheme. I bypassed doing a photoshop mockup as I am not even close to being able to do well with the program.

    How would you all critique my layout so far?

    How would I improve/correct my drop down nav bar?

    How do you feel about the color scheme I used?

    How do you suggest I spruce up my content boxes?


    Here is the link to my paint mockup however it doesn’t show the change I made with my news content how I changed that div as well as I erased the part at the very top with the twitter and what not stuff.


    Is there a reason why you have all kinds of different margins between sections?


    Just something different that I’ve seen before.

    "virtual" wrote:
    Sorry to be cruel, but that is not a design it is just boxes separated by margins. If you want to do a Wild West theme, you will need some graphics for your background. If design and Photoshop are not your forte, you can get plenty of ideas from sites with free css templates, just Google Free Css templates. You can then recode according to your needs.

    You said it.

    Try to learn up on Photoshop Tutorials and make a neat background. You dont have to make it so complex. If you REALLY want to make a good design by yourself, you should visit some css galleries and get some inspiration from there.


    As everyone else as said, it’s a bad design.

    Don’t take this in a negative way though, that’s how you get better.

    I’d def. try and follow some Photoshop tutorials. I learned early on in my design career that anything done is paint will automatically be worse than something done in Photoshop. It makes the world of difference.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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