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    I would like to know if it is best to design website in illustrator first before doing css/html work?

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    It is generally best to have a visual blueprint up or at least the structure sketched up so you have something to work off of. I don’t believe that it is ever a good idea to just start without some kind of starting point.

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    Or if you’re a true warrior, MS Paint.

    On topic, I usually skip the Fireworks/Photoshop part (when I can), mostly because I suck as hell with those tools, but I always spend a decent amount of time on paper. Paper is good to sketch things, people often seem to forget this.

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    The beautiful thing about FW is that can create States and it also exports CSS (I believe).

    Intro to the course:

    Ongoing WebDesign-Tuts series:

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    > […] and it also exports CSS (I believe).

    I wouldn’t try that.

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    @paulie_d What’s wrong with doing vector artwork in Illustrator?

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    I believe @paulie_d recommanded Fireworks over Illustrator because as far as I know, Fireworks is meant to do webdesign while Illustrator is better suited for print design (I’d say).

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    >What’s wrong with doing vector artwork in Illustrator?

    Nothing…that’s what it’s for…but that wasn’t the question.

    The question was “design website” _(sic)_….I would argue that that is **precisely** what FW is for.

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    I’ve recently come upon this article:

    Back to basics ;)

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    That’s a good idea for basic layout…but actual design?

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    I agree with Paulie_D Fireworks is the best tool for muck-up production. However I do kind of move from Fireworks back to Photoshop.

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    >**muck-up **production


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    @paulie_d Oops. I thought you were implying something else. I agree that Fireworks is strictly suited for the web. However, I still prefer PS and AI as a hybrid because you never know when you’ll need it for print work (personal business cards, etc).

    @ChrisP I’ve heard great things about Sketch.

    As for the original question, I agree with what @kgscott284 had to say. Especially when it comes to client work.

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