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    Opinions/critiques appreciated!


    Homepage is very unresponsive on low end computers. I’m looking at it on a netbook and just scrolling down the page is choppy (well, choppier than it usually is). The other pages have a bit of a “wall of text” look, shorter lines of text would make it easier to read, and possibly breaking up text with images (company logos on the partners page, etc).
    But I suck at design, so take that with a grain of salt.


    Simpy superb template design. Need to align your content (justify it) then it will look perfectly. Change the font-style. Try Google Fonts, you can find a lot there. My choice is to go for ‘cursive’ font-family, because your site is simple only with content and not with other kind of tools or social stuffs. So, you need to concentrate much on displaying the content in an attractive way. Selection of images and background placement is good. Change the logo color. It looks similar to the menu. In the slideshow the logo color is different. Try to use it.


    Looking good, but some suggestions come to mind:

    I personally dislike that the slider’s position jumps up at the 1000px-ish mark. If you really want to have it move up, perhaps you could a CSS animation to slide it up quickly. It would look nicer than just having it jump up.

    In some views, the banner overlays the slider completely, others partially and others not at all. I would choose one and stick with it for consistency.

    With your navigation, the links’s padding should be applied to the a element, rather than the li element. This makes it easier for people to click the buttons, as there’s more area for them to click.

    I really like the colour scheme. Generally I like fairly two dimensional websites, but perhaps you could use a faint radial gradient as the background to the logo (as though a light were shining on it). [Here’s](”) an example of that, though you may want to go even more subtle than that.

    Overall, it looks really good, especially the typography and colour scheme. Hope I help :)


    @jshjohnson, too much blue for me, blue background-color on header is nice, on body I removed it and it looked so much better to me.


    Overall, it looks great. Nice job.

    The text is a little crammed. There are two quick things you could do to make it easier to read. One: the paragraphs are much too wide at desktop views. One rule of thumb is to aim for a width of 50 – 75 characters. Two: add some margin above your headers.

    One more thing. And this might just be a problem with my crappy monitor. But on the Partners page, the links for Medtronic and Medical Futures kind of
    disappear in that light pinky/orange color. I would either make the font heavier or use a darker color.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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