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    Hey All

    I designed and coded this site for my on-campus organization. Would you take a look at it (site) and let me know what you think?

    I tested it in using Adobe BrowserLab but want to give it a good shake down before I move it to the real site.



    Your design looks very out dated. I would change the colorscheme, change the title font, remove the dropshadow and perhaps the curved borders.

    I know that layout and design is about personal taste, but try to find inspiration in site that you think is beautiful and “borrow” some ideas from them.

    Best regards


    Hi Steven – I’ll throw in my two cents as well. I agree with madsrh – I think the thing that most bothers me about it is the black outlines and curved borders, and then the white outline against the black.

    Also, you repeat the curves on the dropdown menus, and that’s kind of jarring. If the bottom corners were rounded, that might be fine, but to round the tops takes them out of the visual flow of the top nav. The light orange left-hand border for each dropdown also seems to unnecessarily complicate them. The grey background also doesn’t seem to fit with the color scheme. When I’m designing a new site, the first thing I do is come up with a color palette, usually from Adobe’s kuler. I’ll put in one key color – for you it would be orange – and then create maybe 5 or 6 other colors.

    There are some strange scrollbars showing up for me under each title as well – I’m using the latest release of Chrome.

    I think you’ve got a solid layout, however. Just some visual tweaks and it will be more inviting and easier to use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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