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    I am a long time lurker but first time poster here and I have always valued the advice and feedback that you all provide so I am hoping that you can give me some input regarding a personal portfolio website that I am working on.

    A few notes:
    -I am primarily a designer and know enough about the development side to get me in trouble…
    – The site is semi HTLM5 (still working though the switch) and the code is still a bit dodgy as I am designing as I am developing.
    -Some of the copy needs to be rewritten…just shooting from the hip for now…
    -The site is not responsive yet, plan to get to that soon….
    -I am using Typekit and my font library is huge (for now) as I put a bunch of possible fonts in a temproary library for the design phase….so the fonts may load slow….once I dial it in I will trim down the library and speed things up…

    So give it to me… here is the temporary landing spot:

    Thanks in advance for your comments.




    The only thing I might recommend is maybe grab a smaller piece of that header/nav background and repeat that instead of having a 2000 px wide image.


    Ooh this is very nice! Two things I noticed:

    The gritty, uneven bottom part of your header is out of place, compared to the rest of the design (which is very clean).

    I would add title text to that giant text image you have there (your “tagline”) or better yet, turn it into actual text.

    Overall, though, it looks very fun and professional!


    Thanks everyone for all the feedback folks – much appreciated. A follow up question – do you think that the site works as a single page scrolling site (with only the individual project pages being separate) or should break the site into individual pages (home, work about, etc…)? Again, all of your feedback and advice so far is appreciated and I’ll be working on a revision tonight….


    Thanks Chris…


    I am with Josh actually. Getting that tagline in actual text probably wouldn’t be too difficult, not to mention it’s good practice. :)


    Josh & theacefes,
    Totally agree about the tagline being 100% text, I have actually been kicking that can down the street for a while….just haven’t dialed it in yet.

    Good point about the copy…I am still writing the final copy but your point is a good one – I’ll be sure to keep the message pointed in the right direction.

    Regarding content – agreed that it is light but for right now it is kind of supposed to be… just a quick spot for me to display some of my most recent projects – not meant to generate business on its own(for now). Right now this is not my day job and, although there is not a ton of work coming in, there is enough to keep me busy enough to make this worth it. If / when this ever transitions into more of a full time operation, I totally agree that more content (and a more robust site overall) will be warranted – although I am hoping that the initial design and framework of the site will remain consistent.

    Apologies for rambling – just though a bit of background would give you an idea of where I am coming from.

    Thanks for all the feedback and kind words.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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