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    Im just finishing up my first site and thought I would see what a few of you smart people think. Its not completely done, I still have to make the albums for the bottom of the page. But I’m teaching myself this stuff as I go along so I was hoping to get a few opinions on it while I finish up. I know there are a few typos and I am going to rewrite some content. For the most part it is just space filler while I learned html and css.
    Any suggestions on color schemes or typography would be great, I cant really say that I have much of an eye for it yet.

    Thanks guys


    Nice looking site. Only thing i can say is that i don’t know if it’s just my laptop or what but the scrolling seamed a little jearky and the accordian effect that you have doesn’t fully open up to show you all the content but very nice.


    That just happened to me too. I refreshed it and it worked alright. I’m not to sure what did it. I tried setting the height and seeing if that fixes it. It hasn’t done it again but I don’t know what did it in the first place, so crossing my fingers a bit

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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