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    This is a new website for a client let me know what you think. And I want to know your real opinion not what you would tell your neighbor.


    Firstly… it’s not a web site, it’s a web page.

    Second… the image says ‘Ace Hardware’ , but the header says ‘Graham Hardware’ that’s a little confusing.

    It’s not very pretty, but if it’s your first, well done.


    Nice use of semi-opaque areas. That works well.

    The red/browns color scheme is reasonably attractive.

    The wood texture is nice, but it sure looks weathered and kinda worn. Not sure if that’s the message you want to send about this business.

    Maybe move the social networking icons up a bit to separate them from the brown area below.

    Be consistent with your shadows: the reddish banner and the red Latest Tweets column have strong shadows on the right, but nothing else does.

    It might be better to eliminate the rounded corners of the photo – the sorta triangular area at top left looks odd. Or you could make the photo a little smaller to show some of the background on all sides, not just the corners.

    The Bass Pro Shops graphic is nice and stands out well. If that’s a key point to get across, it works.

    No “contact” page or form?

    I’m not sure about devoting a full column to Latest Tweets, especially since there aren’t any. And is it really likely that there will be many tweets about a hardware store?

    The main content area appears to extend a few pixels below the red section on its left.

    Quite a few markup validation errors you should probably address; several are unclosed spans, others should be just as simple to correct.

    A number of CSS validation errors; many are inconsequential but a few are worth attention.

    Even though this sounds negative, overall it’s an attractive site. I assume it’s not a final draft, and that’s why your seeking feedback. Assuming its an unfinished version, I’d say well done.


    Change the select background color to something other than hot pink.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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