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    Helloo, I recently updated my first website and moved it to a real domain:

    Its a personal and business website for my father.(Suitable for a first client :)
    Id like to receive opinions on anything – is it slow to load or not, general looks, major errors etc.
    I would appreciate your help much as a rookie. (tried to make it look pro though :D )

    I want to thank the whole CSS-Tricks community again for all the resources and help you provide.

    Thanks in advance,


    Nice job! A fluid site.

    A few comments if you don’t mind:

    1) Having the company logo on the layout twice is kind of weird. I would find a way to title the slider (“Recent Work”), then you wont waste a slide with your own name that is almost evenly sitting right above it.

    2) I’d try putting your captions all in the same place. It was a little whack-a-mole-like


    Hmm something happened and the domain is not pointing to my site right now :( probably because its still not 24 hrs after I changed the nameservers … anyway I uploaded the most recent version back to the Old domain: :) so now you can check it out there.

    : good advice Ill most probably change that first slide :) might as well change the captions to be the same. Thansk alot for the advice!


    I like it! Simple, but flows well. Code is clean. Not sure if i like the border around the list of services on the Service page and the faux paper on the About Me page. It seems to make the site feel restricted and takes away from the fluid feel when you hit the home page. I do like the contact form in the letter on the Contact us page. That is cool. Job well done and look forward to your next Project!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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