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    I’m making an employer dashboard for my personal website, somewhere where potential employers can view my work etc and download my CV all that good stuff. Anyway, I threw together a quick design just looking for a bit of feedback. The color scheme isn’t fixed at the minute I think i’ll be changing it in the future to complement the rest of my site.



    Seems very incomplete at this point so it’s a little hard to get an idea of how the finished version will look. So far these would be my suggestions:

    It feels like almost everything needs more room to breath. I’d definitely increase the line-height on the paragraph text. I’d also decrease the navigation text size on the top bar (seems a little large) which will also add some more needed padding.

    The dates on the right side of the posts seem misplaced, it’d look better lined up with the titles.

    The orange is a little distracting, and you could probably find a better green color.

    The paragraph line width is sooo long! Maybe add a second column or shrink the width?

    The title text seems a little large in comparison to the paragraph text size.

    I like the icons they look pretty cool. Its on the right track, hope to see this layout clean up and improve!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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