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    Hey guys,

    A little back story… Me and my 2 brothers started a company that we do freelance work on the side(pc repair/graphic+web design/software/networking). We all agreed that we needed a website redesign because our last one was awful and rushed… I wont even post it because it was that bad haha. So here is the design so far. It is by no means done, but you get the idea at least.

    Here you go!

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    The background switching on scroll is very annoying. Especially if it switches multiple times in a short timeframe. It’s also not rendering fast enough if you scroll fast enough leading to this. If you really want this effect, atleast use a transition or something.

    A “click here for more” button often is a signal of unintuitive web design (except for things like expanding a textblock). I’d suggest making the 3 grey boxes with Design, repair and development links to their appropriate articles (or even webpage if you separate them).

    The links in the navbar are rather small: you really have to click on the word but intuitively you’d expect (almost) the entire space between the two spacer td’s to be the link.

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    I agree about the menu links, if the whole block is highlighting on mouse-over, then the whole block should be a link.

    I don’t necessarily mind the “click here for more” button. In this case, I don’t think having the three grey boxes be links makes sense. Your list of services isn’t long enough (on a desktop at least) to warrant linking to specific sections and (I think) it would be weird to have three links right next to each other that all go to the same place.
    Plus you have three boxes on the home page, and four services sections… maybe those should be the same?

    I do think that the button should read “see a full list of our services” or something like that though. I think in general its good to avoid putting “click here” in any link (for example, instead of “click to read more” it can just be “read more”)
    The click here thing is kinda a relic from the 90’s when people were new to the internet and didn’t know what links were.

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    The click here thing is kinda a relic from the 90′s when people were new to the internet and didn’t know what links were.

    This is true. Most people today will have a mental model of what a clickable thing should look like. As long as your button/link more or less conforms to that and has a label telling the user what it will do or where it will go, you’re pretty much set.

    Most people expect clickable things to look like a button (usually rectangular, maybe slight rounding of the corners, visually distinct from other text) or a link (short bits of differently colored text, might have a hover effect on non-touch interfaces).

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    You are using htc for border-radius. Obviously, you were mindful of cross browser compatibility issue.

    Kudos to you.

    However, that same element size does not adjust when viewed in mobile devices.

    Why not apply the media query where it’s needed?

    Also, <table class=”menu”><tbody><tr>? Come on. This is absolutely unacceptable. Why would you be using table element for the menu?

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    Two things:

    Are you really using all those 5 fonts and over 10 different weights?

    For such a simple menu do you need to have two sets of navigation in your markup?

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