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    Have webpage centered but one white stripe on each side? Not fully covering page? anything i can do?



    Remove “no-repeat” from the body declaration in your CSS.

    In fact, change the entire body tag into this:

    body {
    font-family:"Times New Roman", "Times", "serif";
    background: url( center;

    I have suggested to you multiple times now that you need to reduce the file sizes of those images. I had to download 10.9MB to load the page. 10.9!!!!!!! CSS-Tricks just ran a poll, I recommend looking at the results:

    The reason why your background isn’t covering the entire screen is because your background image is 1200px wide and it’s not being repeated. Nor is it being told to cover the entire screen. I have already told you this AND linked to the following page, but I’ll do it again:


    As TheDoc said, you need to get those images much smaller.

    I took 5 of the 800px wide PNGs and Save(d) for Web as JPGs at a high 80%. The results: as PNGs these 5 total 2.1MB, as JPGs at 80%, they come to .51MB. And in most cases you can save them at less than 80% with no visible deterioration.

    Also, one of the images (belnem6.png) I sampled suffers from severe barrel distortion.


    thank you so much for the comments and suggestions. your right you have mentioned several times to make the pictures smaller just have not been able to get to it yet. But I will soon. thanks again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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