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    to me this seems strange enough to be ‘just me’… but I was working on a form and used the css3 transform rule to make my radio buttons and check-boxes bigger. It looks great in firefox, but in chrome (fully updated), they won’t scale to be larger than a value of 100%;

    I can’t show the site Im working on, but found a good example:

    In this example, the checkboxes are scaled to be 800% and in firefox, the’re big.. but for me, in chrome, they’re only 100%. I can use firebug-light to change the scale value to make then smaller than 100% but not larger.

    Has anybody else seen anything like this? Does that jsfiddle example work for you in chrome?


    I’m using Chrome on Mac, but it seems to me that they’re waaaayyyy to big: in other words: it’s just works fine.


    If you want custom input fields then transforms aren’t the way to go, you would be much better of creating custom images and using a small snippet of JavaScript which will allow you to create a much more consistent look and feel between all browsers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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