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    So after today’s announcement I’m going to need to encode in more than just H.264. I’m not sure what the best formats to encode in would be. Maybe H.264 and WebM? And can I do all my encoding in 1 app, hopefully somewhat automated. Right now I use Adobe Media encoder to encode h.264 and mp3 versions of my show. Do I need to add another app? Can I continue to use AME?

    I’m on a Mac, but all my encoding is done on a PC.


    Depends on how much you want to playback through HTML5 instead of Flash. I have an HTML5 video stats post that might help you decide. Ogg if you want to support the most, MP4/h.264 for Flash and iPhones, and WebM/VP8 if you want better quality than Ogg.

    Zencoder can do all the different formats. It’s not a desktop encoder like AME though, it’s an online API that’s meant to help you automate the encoding process.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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