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    Attila Hajzer

    Please tell me what you think of my new website portfolio update.

    i decided to update it because i felt that my old one was way too bland and grey, not enough color or exitement. so i spiced it up a bunch!

    please tell me if there is anything missing.


    Simple layout, but…..
    You need to loose the grass background….sorry but that is 90’s web.
    Also you have a lot of margin issues…scan the site on all the browsers


    Your site says you enjoy smashing magazine… I would try checking out the inspiration section of their site

    Your designs are too basic. Your portfolio looks like you just drew boxes in illustrator and placed text over them. I really don’t know what to say, your bio says you have 4 years of experience. This isn’t the site of someone with four years of design experience.

    Sorry for the negative feedback.


    I have to agree with Chrislopes, but then again, we all have to start somewhere. don’t be discouraged by some negative criticism. And it takes a wile to find your style.

    some where talking about removing the Grass, I say, if you like it, please use it, but try to work on the the “grass-theme”, and design something that works in harmony with the grass. google “green website” or something just to get some inspiration, and go to the images section. works a charm for me when Im stuck. (I don’t use “green website” every time :) )

    no idea reinventing the wheel.

    I do have a code comment: I don’t like to see the scrolling bars if they are not in use you could remove the body{overflow:scrolling;} all together. or if you’d like to make sure it does scroll set it to body{overflow:auto;}



    @virtual. coders are at some points more creative then designers. Artist and engineers are the same….they just use a different canvas. I am an artist on both canvases and it all depends on the mood i’m in for which palette I dip my brush in.


    I’d get rid of the 3d looking text, not feeling that at all.

    I’d also incorporate your resume in the about me section if you must include a resume. The resume tab seems redundant, but that’s me.

    I also would get rid of the links at the bottom. That’s usually useful if you have a bigger home page which needs to be scrolled. Your page has no footer and no scrolling is needed so links at the top is good enough.

    I’d also remove the text “sidebar”


    It might be a good idea to move away from the lorem ipsum too. My boss hates it when I show him concepts with lipsum. The text just look like blocks. Stick to 1 maybe 2 fonts. There’s a really good book called “Desiging with Type” if you want to study more on typography.

    Don’t get discouraged by negative feedback from me or anyone else. I’ve been designing/building websites fulltime for the past 5 years and my boss still gives me crap if he doesn’t like something I show him.


    Ipsum is fine, just make sure to mix it up (different sized paragraphs, bullet lists, blockquotes, etc).


    Agree about changing the grass to something else.

    Also, you need to save out your portfolio images down to the correct size that you are displaying them rather than resizing them via code. It looks like the original sizes of the images are a lot larger(width/height) than you are displaying them via code resizing. this will cut down on file size, but also load a lot quicker. Right now, each image loads like you’re on a dial-up…ala one row at a time.

    I’m not a huge fan of the Century Gothic font. It borders on illegible.

    There are various grammatical errors throughout. Perhaps, get one of your teachers to proof for you. For example, you wrote: “I also enjoy listening to music and find new social media websites.” This should be “I also enjoy listening to music and finding new social media websites.” Find should be finding.

    Good start though! Keep it up.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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