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    I hope this is the correct place to post this. I watch the CSS-Tricks tutorials quite a bit and I’m majoring in Web Development. I’m taking a research class and I have to do some research related to my field as my final project. I’m drawing a blank. I was wondering if anyone here has any interesting ideas. It’s not expected to be really complicated research, just something to provide an exercise in research, like a survey or doing interviews and examining the results.
    I was thinking maybe some sort of research in usability, which layouts people prefer, but I haven’t quite gotten to how I could execute that without it taking tons of time.
    Maybe as another idea I was thinking if developers prefer to even consider IE6 anymore..? I think that’s been talked about quite a bit already though.
    Any ideas? I’d appreciate the help. I have researchers block or something.


    Thanks I appreciate you removing the duplicate. My computer froze on me. Research about research. That might be interesting.


    check out heat maps, web usability testing.

    maybe there’s a professor on campus who has one of those eye tracking devices, so you can run your own tests.


    Ohh good idea with the heat maps. I could do a free trial at clickdensity maybe. Thanks so much. This is all helping. I didn’t know Microsoft gave up on IE6 too.


    I just realized I can’t do research on the eye tracking because I need a special camera. I take my classes online so I can’t do that. Hmm..


    I think it’d make an interesting research project to see how many developers truly strive to make the websites they build accessible. I’ve been designing websites for a good few years now and always claimed they were accessible, but I recently started a new job at an online university and after using screen-readers and other accessibility tools first-hand it’s made me realize how inaccessible other sites I’ve made are.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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