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    No no, I mean you don’t have the right to sell what you do with a student edition. And the purpose of buying a full license is to avoid legal issues!


    again ???? what are you taking about????


    @dalecooper I see what you mean about getting a commercial license versus a student license. I’m not sure why springlab is having trouble understanding.

    My advice is to use the alternative programs to start out with. If you get more work than you can keep up with using these programs, you can probably afford to buy the Adobe suite at that time.

    Best of luck with your new business!


    It’s simple: Adobe Suites for Student and Professor are limited licenses that makes you in illegality if you sell work created with them. It’s clear on Adobe website.

    The only license that allow you to sell your work created with Adobe products are the full licenses or upgrades that apply to them.

    But yet, I’ve found Adobe’s licenses cheaper than the ones on Adobe Store on amazon. I think I can take one away for between 1500 and 1800 euros.

    EDIT: @TheDark12: Well, thanks for this advice. I think I’ll consider this option. After all, your right that I can still buy an Adobe suite if I feel the need for it. The only things I’ll miss right now are Camera Raw and Bridge…


    @dalecooper and @TheDark12
    Not sure what you don’t understand. As of CS5 you can use student versions for commercial use.


    Are you sure @spinglab ?

    Well, if I can find someone to buy me a student edition of CS5, I might give it a go ^^

    For now, I chose to use alternative software and see how my business go. If I make enough money, I’ll seriously consider Adobe. But for now, if anyone is interested, I use those:

    -My main software is Fireworks for design, mockups and prototypes. Really strong software even if it seems lacking features at first glance. Have yet to learn all the possibilities on this one !

    -Pixelmator and the Gimp as a fallback. They both work very well, and have their own pros and cons. Mainly Pixelmator is a pleasure to use but not so advanced (young even though in v2) and Gimp is a mess ergonomicly but has very nice advanced functions.

    -Sketch and Inkscape as a fallback. The first has a really, really nice interface, very intuitive and easy to use, but suffers from lack of feature and serious annoying bugs (but still usable as a main soft) and the later is heavy (X11) but is a really serious alternative to Illustrator (for my use anyway)

    -Scribus instead of InDesign. It’s a strong software even though some UI designs are real flaws. I can make most of my print designs on it and has really good advanced functions. Intuitive when you know how things work.

    -Espresso for web coding. Simple and effecient. I learned to work with it and optimize my workflow with all of its functions. I personaly love it :)

    -Raskin is a neet piece of software (mac only) to look for ressources on your computer. Go look on its website to understand the concept.

    -And for 3D I use Cheetah, which is simple and plain enough for my use.

    Well, with those softs I’m far from reaching 1800 euros and I can work fast enough to work on all projects I’m on.


    Yes, it’s kind of a frugal but interesting way of working ;)

    But when I work I need to like the medium on which I’m working (ie: html editor …). With only the notepad, it would be really, really dull and I think it would become a chore more than a pleasure ^^

    I had a little money to spend, and here I got very nice tools for a few hundred bucks.

    But your right on one point I think: trying to do most (if not all) of the graphics with CSS. It’s a nice challenge and certainly a very good method !

    Oh, and remember that I also do print work, so no CSS here ;)


    i use adobe software but there was a week where i just bought a new mac and didnt have access to CS. i used keynote to create wireframes and some simple graphics utilizing keynote and preview (osx’s built in image editor), and did the rest of the work in the browser.

    it was really handy at the time for a simple website design, but i highly recommend getting photoshop if youre doing any retouching or silhouetting and illustrator for logo/vector work.

    oh by the way, i got the idea to use keynote from Luke W:


    Lots of good feedback already…I would suggest what many have already said.

    The entire Adobe Suite is ridiculously expensive!! I would recommend purchasing ONLY Adobe Photoshop…and then get yourself an HTML editor, like Notepad! That’s my personal favorite!

    I also recommend installing I.E. Tester so that you can test your sites in I.E. That only covers I.E., don’t forget to install software to test your sites in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


    I really prefer Fireworks over Photoshop as the *only* software. That’s what I bought and it’s really powerful for wireframing, mockups and designing.

    Notepad is for windows, and I use a mac. So…

    As I said, I already made my choices and bought the softwares. Those that I mentioned before are really well built and useful ! I think they prove that Adobe Suite is not an imperative to work on web and print design.

    Coming back to what you said about Photoshop, the software alone is 800 euros. The whole bunch of softs that I bought cost me a bit more than 500 euros. It’s clear for me that this was not an option !


    If your serious about doing this for a career, I would go with Adobe. I haven’t been able to use anything as powerful as Photoshop and Illustrator. Also, if you ever accept a position with an agency, you would be required to know Adobe software. Just take a look at a few job boards.


    I know Adobe softwares very well. It was the only softs I used until now. But they were not legit and I need legit softs now.

    I have my own business, so now I am the one who dictate my way of working.

    Let’s make money first, and then think about Adobe ;)


    Are you prepared for business related costs? It sounds like you have very very little funding to work with and I hope that you wouldn’t just jump into something without thinking rationally.


    If you are working freelance, why do you need legit software? ^^ While you will need to get licensing, you’re a starving artist currently. If you’d really like to get affordable Adobe products use the fact that you are/were a student to discount your purchase.|22183|adobe%20suite%20student%20version||S|e|6200746942


    @monk18 by legitimate software, I took it as he previously was using pirated software.

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